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Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure is the foundation by which our communities and businesses thrive. Our goal is to enhance and improve this infrastructure through cost-effective, efficient, and technically advanced design solutions for public- and private-sector clients. Cushing Terrell’s Infrastructure team is a multidisciplinary group of experts, providing services throughout the United States and internationally. The team specializes in renewable energy generation, microgrid systems, land development, bridge design, and water/wastewater design.

Working closely with our Energy Services team, the Infrastructure group works with clients to help meet the demand for innovative energy services and energy infrastructure. Key drivers of this demand include electrification of buildings and vehicles; net zero and sustainability goals of companies and municipalities; grid resiliency in the face of aging infrastructure and extreme weather events; and economic benefits of microgrid systems and distributed energy resources.

Learn more about our Energy Services team and our Sustainable Design capabilities.

Drinking Water

Water quality evaluation and the delivery of an informed and objective approach to selecting cost-effective and operator-friendly treatment trains for most water quality issues. From small private water systems to municipal and governmental agencies’ community water systems our expertise spans concept to project completion. We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective analyses and end-user simplification. Cushing Terrell’s drinking water team has experience improving water quality with a variety of technologies in regions across the US.


Evaluation of the design and implementation analysis for small, individual wells through medium-sized water systems for municipal/governmental agencies.

Our wastewater engineering team is well-versed in wastewater treatment and conveyance. Our project experience ranges from small lift stations, septic systems, and advanced on-site wastewater treatment units to larger municipal applications of lift stations and treatment plants. We possess robust knowledge of state and governmental permitting processes across the western U.S. and endeavor to work with owners on a multi-faceted understanding of complete project costs, including life cycle analysis, to convey a better understanding of full project costs to owners and end-users.

Land Development

Our team is well versed in all types of development from single-family homes, to master-planned communities, to multi-unit, high-density projects for industrial, commercial, and retail clients.  We provide comprehensive design from initial sketches to final document approval, including championing the project through the governmental entitlement process.  Our clientele ranges from single landowners to complex national retailers and everything in-between.


We know bridges of all shapes, sizes, and uses. Our team of designers handles pedestrian bridge design and analysis including truss, arch, and cable-stayed superstructures, sky bridge-building connectors, backcountry timber bridges, and vehicular bridge conceptualization, design, and analysis, as well as bridge rehabilitation.


Microgrids aren’t a new concept, but they’re rapidly gaining traction for a variety of organizations as a way to address modern-day energy challenges. While much of Cushing Terrell’s work in this field has supported traditional uses at hospitals, schools, retail stores, and commercial developments, we are increasingly involved with public utility-owned microgrids aimed at providing peak demand resiliency as well as grid reduction through the design of off-grid/remote systems owned and operated by large utilities.

Renewable Energy Generation

As renewable options become ever more important and sought-after within the world of energy generation, Cushing Terrell has increased its ability to provide solar generation design at all levels — including for the largest utilities. We have projects in our portfolio ranging from 1 MW to over 200 MW. Coupled with our microgrid services, we provide a one-stop-shop for both utility-owned and private photovoltaic design and implementation.

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To learn more about solar integration with buildings, download our Solar Integration Design Guide.