Personal, Specific, Inspired Design

Each client is unique with varying needs, expectations, challenges, and dreams for their projects. And each site is different — the environment, orientation, surrounding community, and amenities. Therefore, our design process is driven by the user and the site, with our architects serving as guides and interpreters to help you realize the ideal form and function for your space. We believe successful design meets you where you are, and that architecture should be personal.

Pictured: G5 Brewing Company 

Process-Orientated and Integrated

Our design process begins and ends with research and is characterized by multidisciplinary collaboration. Our research-based approach, which continually integrates best practices and lessons learned, is enhanced by a team that can cover all the bases when it comes to your project. With the goal of holistic design that considers each component — exterior and interior architecture, landscape, building systems, and the user/occupant experience — we’ll help you maximize systems and synergies.

More than anything, we love helping clients realize their design goals and seeing their satisfaction when the projects are complete. We bring you into the design process, which is built on collaboration, trust, and transparency. And we’d love to work with you.

Pictured: Railway Residence

Achieving Artful Simplicity

Design decisions must serve the building and its users, so we ask the questions: Is it functional? Is it simple? Is it elegant?

At Cushing Terrell, we create architecture that is in harmony with its surroundings and is an honest narrative of form and function. We believe in simple, subtle, unobtrusive beauty. Style in our work is a genuine reflection of our collaborative design process, regional construction techniques, the context of the project, client branding and culture, and artistic expression.

Pictured: Glacier Eye Clinic

Making Sustainability a Hallmark of Design

Sustainability is an interwoven aspect of the design process at Cushing Terrell. We factor in site and environmental stewardship, resource conservation, the use of renewables, local material sourcing, climate analysis, energy efficiency, daylighting, and natural ventilation. We leverage our multidisciplinary team to achieve buildings and systems that enhance comfort, health, and well-being, while our regional expertise helps clients make the best decisions based on locality and their specific sustainability goals.

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Principal in Charge, Architecture

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