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Interior Design at Cushing Terrell

Indoor spaces have a huge influence on our health, well-being, productivity, ability to learn, and so much more. Cushing Terrell’s interior design experts harness this influence not only to create more successful projects for our clients, but also to improve people’s daily lives. We create interior spaces that successfully meet the unique requirements of the end users and enhance the human experience. We support projects across markets, including commercial, education, government, healthcare, multi-family and mixed-use, residential, and retail to provide safe, functional, and accessible, people-centered environments.

Straight from the source:

The buildings exceed all expectations. The feedback from [the teams] was glowing, citing how amazingly inclusive the whole [design] process was, how individuals felt heard (and that their voice actually made a difference) and how proud they now are of their workplace.

Jessie [Woodyard] Simerlein | Business Partner to People Operations
Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google 

Areas of Expertise

We’re great listeners and focus on the human experience.

Space Planning
We love this part of our jobs. It’s critical to how users experience a space.

Quality materials fit for a project (it’s not just about aesthetics).

Construction Administration
It’s all in the details.

Client Care
We design what you experience.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
Bringing spaces to life through studied utility.

Leading Thoughts and Taking Action

Responsible, User-Centered Design

By marrying user research with collaborative and sustainable design, we make your spaces work for you.

The design process at Cushing Terrell starts and ends with research and along the way engages our many Interior Design areas of expertise including programming, space planning, visualization, building codes and systems, documentation, and project management. We optimize every design with multidisciplinary collaboration, to create integrated, responsible, accessible, inclusive, and above all, human-centric spaces.

Design Process

Every material matters.

No one expects the buildings where they spend their days to be working against them, but the average adult breathes in more than 4,000 gallons of air each day, and indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. We’re committed to healthy and sustainable environments, beginning with greening our materials library and joining the Material Bank pilot program for net-zero sampling and continuing through our Design for Freedom advocacy efforts.

It’s time to design for wellness.

Our interior design team aims to positively impact quality of life and culture within the built environment. Through our work, we have the opportunity to influence how people experience their surroundings — how they move through the different spaces they encounter in their daily lives — and it’s incredibly rewarding.

When you’re ready to learn more, reach out!

Sandi Rudy, RID, LEED ID+C
Director of Interior Design

Angelica Henderson, CID
Interior Design Regional Leader, South

Eleanor Smith, RID
Interior Design Regional Leader, South

Randi Thomas, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP
Interior Design Regional Leader, Northwest

Dawn Mackenzie
Interior Design Regional Leader, Inter-Mountain

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