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Multi-Family Housing Design

Increasingly the way we live and interact with each other is evolving within our urban environments, and multi-family developments bring vibrancy and expressiveness to these growing neighborhoods. Through the seamless blending of retail, art, residence, and community engagement these spaces provide a reason to gather and share experiences.
Effective mixed-use design orchestrates sociability, walkability, and convenience.

Areas of Expertise

Market Rate Housing


Affordable Housing

Student Housing


Senior Living

Our Process

Our team understands that successful outcomes for your multi-family project must be envisioned — from start to finish — as a self-contained ecosystem. Technologies, resident demographics, mobility/transit, amenity spaces, home workplace, and ease of access to grocery, retail, and entertainment are but a few of the considerations that shape your project’s performance.


Research addresses current needs and future-proofing. We dig into health and safety, location, and all your project’s unique considerations.


Collaboration peaks when we jointly share and listen, and revise the designs for your multi-family project until everything looks just right.



We live for that sense of relief, accomplishment, and pride — when it all comes together, you step inside, and your vision becomes reality!


The work doesn’t end when the doors open for residents; we evaluate your space and user experience as they evolve with time and use.

Director, Affordable Housing

Randy brings more than 30 years of experience to the design of residential, commercial/retail, education, and government projects. He has led the design of over 6,000 mixed-income, multi-family, and senior living apartment units in 14 cities across the United States. Randy has also served as the lead architect for over 30 Low Income Housing Tax Credit-financed developments, including 6 North Apartments in St. Louis, MO, the first multi-family, mixed-income building in the U.S. to incorporate Universal Design features in every unit, one of the first affordable housing developments to be certified under the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, and Dr. George Davis Residences and Senior Center in San Francisco, CA, one of the first mixed-income rental developments to achieve LEED for Homes certification and LEED for Neighborhood Development certification.

Director, Multi-family Design

Josh brings 18 years of experience to the multi-family design studio at Cushing Terrell. Projects in his portfolio range from condo buildings to high-end homes and multi-story commercial office projects. As one of Cushing Terrell’s vertical market leaders and Project managers, Josh helps clients design their dream projects on time and within budget.

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