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Navigating Your Path to Zero Net Energy

To achieve zero net energy (ZNE) and meet AIA 2030 commitments, we can only get so far with a building designed to meet the highest sustainability standards. Even with the most energy-efficient systems and materials, a building will still take more than it gives, unless on-site energy production is tied into the building to achieve ZNE goals.

For this guide, we look specifically at solar integration with buildings — how to prepare for solar in the future and how to incorporate it now.

Tech by Design: Shaping Work Environments for Technology Companies

As we continue to see growth in the technology industry, with federal and state governments joining businesses and educational institutions to invest in bolstering the technical workforce, the need for compelling, highly functional work environments to support this population also will grow.

With decades of experience designing offices specifically for technology companies, our team has had a front row seat on the action and an incredible opportunity to collaborate with our clients on what these types of work environments can look like. As we focus on post-pandemic needs as well as the subtleties that facilitate productivity and inspiration, we asked some of our experts to speak to the design elements important to these cutting-edge companies and their approach to work.

Holistic IAQ Solutions for Healthy Schools and Healthy Students

The work to assess and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) is a top priority for school districts as they look to best utilize billions in COVID-19 relief funds and prepare for post-pandemic, in-person learning. With this much-needed funding becoming available, there’s an incredible opportunity to combine lessons learned from the past year with an amplified commitment to designing healthy schools.

To support this need, our mechanical engineering group set out to create a tool for assessing air quality in indoor spaces and determining recommended solutions, particularly for learning environments.

Sustainable Design Solutions for Delicate Natural Environments

Few countries can boast having the range of natural environments that we do in the United States. From the rocky peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Gulf Coast wetlands — and all of the national monuments that dot the landscape in between — these scenic places are the stuff of great field trips, road trips, and vacations. But if we want to continue making these great American memories, it’s up to those tasked with the maintenance, upgrades, renovations, and new facilities for our National Park System to ensure we’re caring for these sacred places thoughtfully with their protection and long-term conservation in mind.

New in Our Portfolio: Macmillan Learning Tenant Improvement Project

Recently completed and photographed, Macmillan Learning’s workplace at Quarry Oaks in Austin, Texas, leveraged creative solutions to realize highly flexible training and gathering spaces. Designed to be functional, comfortable, and welcoming for a team dedicated to creating digital learning tools, the modern space highlights natural materials and a collegiate ethos. A variety of areas support different types of work, including collaboration, focus, and celebration, to reinforce the synergy of Macmillan’s diverse talent.

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