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An Energy Expert Answers the Question: What Is Carbon Neutrality?

While there’s debate on how to calculate carbon emissions and offsets, the goal of achieving carbon neutrality is admirable and necessary if we’re to slow global warming. Even without a standard definition, energy expert Tim Johnson says there are steps we can take now toward carbon reduction. They hinge on considering the three distinct scopes of emissions, as defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and then choosing the most effective way to offset those emissions.

Driving the Future of Retail

Despite the uptick in online shopping over the last couple of years, what continues to drive the need for the in-person experience? In partnership with Rebekah Matheny from The Ohio State University Department of Design, Sheri Blattel, co-lead of Cushing Terrell’s Retail Design Studio, explore the formula for “experience per square foot” in a new white paper introducing their research on how to cultivate rich, meaningful experiences for today’s consumer.

New in Our Portfolio: Uwajimaya Asian Market

Recently completed and photographed is the Uwajimaya Asian Market in Seattle, Washington. Working in tandem with the executive leadership, merchandising, and store leadership teams of the iconic Asian grocery chain, Cushing Terrell developed a series of fixture plan options to revitalize Uwajimaya’s historic Chinatown-International District flagship store. Goals of the design included modernizing the nearly 100-year-old brand image to keep pace with the new world of experiential retail and celebrate the store’s unique products.

Navigating Your Path to Zero Net Energy

To achieve zero net energy (ZNE) and meet AIA 2030 commitments, we can only get so far with a building designed to meet the highest sustainability standards. Even with the most energy-efficient systems and materials, a building will still take more than it gives, unless on-site energy production is tied into the building to achieve ZNE goals.

For this guide, we look specifically at solar integration with buildings — how to prepare for solar in the future and how to incorporate it now.

Tech by Design: Shaping Work Environments for Technology Companies

As we continue to see growth in the technology industry, with federal and state governments joining businesses and educational institutions to invest in bolstering the technical workforce, the need for compelling, highly functional work environments to support this population also will grow.

With decades of experience designing offices specifically for technology companies, our team has had a front row seat on the action and an incredible opportunity to collaborate with our clients on what these types of work environments can look like. As we focus on post-pandemic needs as well as the subtleties that facilitate productivity and inspiration, we asked some of our experts to speak to the design elements important to these cutting-edge companies and their approach to work.

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