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Education Design

Our passion for supporting the education of each new generation is woven into every learning facility we design. From state-of-the-art hospitals and technology-rich government agencies to collaborative and flexible corporate offices, our education designers take the concepts we are implementing into each of our markets and create compatible, cutting-edge educational facilities that support hands-on exploratory learning. Our responsibility as designers is not to simply provide a building where students can learn, but to create an environment that provides them the freedom to dream big!

With schools laying the framework to inspire and evolve the lifelong learner, the tools and resources utilized are implemented to allow each child to seamlessly transition from student to leader. Cushing Terrell began as an architecture and engineering firm in 1938, focused solely on education. But the team quickly discovered that in order to support and empower the evolving student, we had to evolve and step outside the realm of traditional education design.

Today, we leverage an approach our team calls the “Ecology of Education.” Through this lens, we study how students interact with each other; how they interact with teachers, support staff, and administrators; and how all these groups interact with and within their environments. As architects and engineers, we view our role as your partners in designing learning environments, continually developing a deeper understanding of the interactions within schools so our designs can better accommodate the needs of everyone within them. 

Safety &

Our education planners and specialists prioritize designing both welcoming and safe learning environments that support the whole student. Our designs encourage student collaboration, communication, and active learning while utilizing the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Experiential Learning

We push the boundaries of educational facility design to match the unique and evolving needs of the global learner. It is crucial to ensure our secondary and post-secondary education environments allow students to seek new ways of interacting with their learning environments, the community, industry leaders, and each other.

Student Life
on Campus

Students are adventurers who love to enjoy life. They are pioneers, explorers, and the future of our businesses and communities. We believe the whole student experience should be the primary vision of each investment, improvement, and design decision. The ultimate campus experience is one that defines, excites, recruits, and inspires.

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Associate, Regional Design Lead

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