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Retail Design

Together, we can create unique and identifiable retail environments. We understand the importance of the branded image, and how thoughtful retail design can enhance this image while creating a superior experience for your customers. When you’re ready, let us know how we can help fulfill your brand mission.

Every store is defined by unique components that, when combined, reflect a community’s tastes and respond to its needs. The experience radiates from there to include spaces to taste, gather, and discover. Each has a distinct character and exudes authenticity of product and presentation.  

Although we do not subscribe to a particular architectural style, our work often exhibits integrity, a holistic view of architecture, timeless aesthetic, budget as a design tool, and contextual design. We optimize your environment, address the functionality of the space, and consider your operational needs today and in the future.

At Cushing Terrell, our design process begins and ends with research. We invite you to learn more about our approach to retail design, and how this translates into better environments for clients and their customers, by reading our white papers on our Thought Leadership page. 

Associate Principal, Design Director

Principal, Design Director

Associate Principal

Associate Principal

Associate Principal

Marketing Manager

Research and White Papers

The Fluid, Sustainable Future of Retail
Driving the Future of Retail
The Intersection of Health, Wellness, and Retail
White Paper: Achieving Authenticity [in Retail]
Authentic Destinations
Approach to Food & Beverage Design

Expert Interviews

How can design support sustainability and ESG goals in retail?

How are generational drivers shifting the retail landscape?

How do you stretch your dollars when designing a retail space?

How do you choose an ideal architectural design partner?

What is experience per square foot?

In what ways can the retail environment be "restorative" to customers?

How are inclusivity and representation impacting the retail experience?

What is conscious consumption and why does it matter?

To view the full set of Retail Design Theory and Practice videos, visit our Cushing Terrell Vimeo site.

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