Store Planning

Crafting Optimal, In-Store Experiences…

Store planning is more than a layout. For the consumer, it’s ordering with an element of surprise. It’s learning and discovery cloaked in convenience. It’s bringing merchandise to life through sensory experiences. Each visit allows for expediency but tantalizes with reasons to linger.   

For retailers, it’s the habitable embodiment of a vision, one that plays out—and strengthens—with each shopper visit. It’s the strategic placement of product, and the subtle suggestion to try something new. Every display is a chance to connect with a customer, offering a seamless flow of curated touchpoints and immersive encounters. Your brand is woven throughout the experience—ever-present but not overreaching. Customized and creative, and proudly one of a kind. 

For designers and planners, it’s a thorough assessment and subsequent alignment of form and function. It’s a detailed, systematic process whose results are anything but contrived.

It’s About the Journey

Understanding and shaping the buyer journey is both our job and our passion. We’ll optimize the store environment, address functionality and shopper experience, and consider your operational needs today and into the future. 


Our Process

Good planning and store design evolve from a clear understanding of the character and the aspirations of the brand. Using our process of discovery, we’ll work closely with you to develop design solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our designers can advise on adjacencies, and how merchandise is presented to the customer, initial exterior impressions, test fits, spatial efficiencies, and overall flow.  


We dig deep into consumer health and safety, industry trends, your client base, your brand, and all the things that make your project unique.


Collaboration peaks when we jointly design, share, listen, and revise until store and fixture planning (and everything else) looks just right.



We live for that sense of relief, accomplishment, and pride — when it all comes together, you step inside, and your vision becomes reality!


The work doesn’t end when the doors open for business; we evaluate your space and user experience as they evolve with time and use.

The Result

Effective store planning offers:

  • Tailored Solutions
    Customized retail environments incorporate business objectives, company culture, and an environment as unique as your brand.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Give shoppers the feeling that the retail environment was made for them.
  • Brand Consistency
    The expression of your brand is visible and uniform, promoting connection to and loyalty from shoppers.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Thoughtful design addresses staff and business needs and can be modified as conditions or circumstances evolve.
  • Flagship/Prototype Development and Roll-Out
    Confidence in a strategy that aligns with future growth potential.

Project Spotlight:

Uwajimaya Asian Market

Seattle, WA

Working in tandem with the executive leadership, merchandising, and store leadership teams of Seattle’s iconic Asian grocery chain, Cushing Terrell developed a series of fixture plan options to revitalize Uwajimaya’s historic Chinatown-International District flagship store in Seattle. Goals of the design included modernizing the nearly 100-year-old brand image to keep pace with the new world of experiential retail and celebrate the store’s unique products from Asian-inspired produce, meat, and seafood offerings. In addition, the store layout was revised to encourage exploration and easier in-store navigation without losing the Uwajimaya character longtime loyalists know and love; improving sightlines; optimizing store security; and building more convenience into the grab-and-go offerings.

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