Structural Engineering

Framing the Foundation, Bringing Visions to Life

At Cushing Terrell, our structural engineering experts have design experience with a diverse range of systems, materials, and project types. Our expertise ranges from steel, concrete, wood, and masonry structures to the design of foundations, multi-story buildings, industrial structures, parking structures, residential homes, seismic analysis, bridge analysis, retrofits, and excavation bracing.  

Multidisciplinary Experience

Cushing Terrell’s Structural Engineering team incorporates building systems requirements, geometric constraints, and client objectives into a functional, safe, and economical structural framework. 

As a part of a multidisciplinary design firm, our Structural Engineering team specializes in historical, seismic, and foundation renovation projects. We have the knowledge and experience to solve a variety of structural design challenges across markets and geographic regions. 

Services and Expertise

Our licensed engineers are committed to excellence, staying current with the latest code requirements and utilizing state-of-the-art software including RAM, ETABS, SAP2000, EnerCalc, Excel, and MathCad.

Delivering optimal designs requires experience with all aspects of structural concerns for new and existing buildings, including: 

  • Structural evaluations
  • Remodeling work and structural support audits
  • Seismic upgrades and integration of new technology to reinforce and extend the lives of older buildings 
  • Application of new foundation systems to correct and strengthen older structures

Service Highlights

Featured work from our Structural Engineering portfolio

Bridge Superstructure

Creating a stable — and beautiful! — walkway

This bridge superstructure was designed for a global tech client at their workplace in Sunnyvale, California. 

A complex project in many respects: The bridge was assembled the same way it was fabricated, on its side, and then lifted upright and set into its final place on-site; the walkway and concrete ladder structure were shipped to the site and assembled in place; and the cables, which prevent bouncing/vibration as people walk across the narrow 7′ walkway, required precise tension calculations.    

Cushing Terrell’s knowledge of bridge design and performance transcends a single team and includes expertise in structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering as well as field testing and instrumentation. 

Reworking and Improving

The beloved Alberta Bair Theater gets a structural upgrade

“For a structural engineer, reworking and improving the technical rigging spaces at the Alberta Bair has to be my favorite. Not a typical office setting but was able to create a vastly improved environment for the technical staff at the theater.” 

-Dane Jorgensen, Structural Engineer 

The structural design task at Alberta Bair Theater was to re-frame the fly loft and provide upgraded capacity and total flexibility to accommodate motor load anywhere on the floor. Given there were no as-builts, the existing suspended concrete roof  was removed in order to gain capacity.  

Detailing, Structural, and Steel

Giving structural elements architectural flair

Kenyon Noble Lumber, a lumber and hardware chain since 1898, needed help with a large-scale retail location. Cushing Terrell provided services to design the new retail store and lumber yard drive-through building. The design was based on the agricultural and mountain architecture that is contextual in the Gallatin Valley. 

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