Laying the Foundations for Healthy Built Environments

Resiliency and responsiveness are central to well-planned communities. Cushing Terrell planners work with both urban and rural communities to provide aspirational plans that guide growth and preservation for the future.

We work in diverse geographies from rural farming communities to some of the densest urban environments in the U.S. and Canada. Cushing Terrell planners have developed award-winning projects and constantly strive to remain at the forefront of thought in the dynamic places we work.

Throughout 2020, the dedicated Cushing Terrell crew guided a steering committee, a stakeholder group, and the general public through a process that was challenging to navigate during a pandemic. They did it with great skill, grace and professionalism. The creative solutions they came up with to accomplish the goals set before them were inspired. Cushing Terrell exceeded our expectations, and the finished product is something the community of Great Falls will be very proud of upon implementation.

Joan Redeen
Community Director, Great Falls Business Improvement District
Great Falls, Montana

Neighborhood Networking for Smart Growth

Winner of the APA (American Planning Association) Idaho 2020 Public Outreach Award, the West Downtown Neighborhood Association Master Plan for the City of Boise was an exercise in helping the neighborhood identify who they are now and who they want to be in the future. Working in conjunction with city staff and neighborhood leaders, the team took a comprehensive approach to getting feedback from residents with open houses (pre-COVID), presentations with real-time polling of the audience, as well as door-to-door outreach that ensured the voices of renters, homeowners, and businesses were all included in the final plan.

View the videos from the awards ceremony.

We had a good team that worked really well together on this short time-line and still was able to capture everything that the team and residents felt were important to the neighborhood.

Nicole Windsor
President, West Downtown Neighborhood Association
Boise, Idaho

Success Begins With Planning

Comprehensive planning defines a clear path toward real-world solutions, attainable results, and visionary projects. Our master planning work has promoted sustainable economic development and brought meaningful social and cultural benefits to many communities. Our long-range and current planning includes subdivision, zoning, mixed-use community design, market analysis, growth policies, area structure plans, master plans, comprehensive plans, code development, and housing studies.

Cushing Terrell is experienced in working with large stakeholder groups and has facilitated many open-to-the-public community engagement workshops. With the onset of COVID-19, our already wide use of social media and interactive websites — featuring conceptual plans, calendars, polls, contact information, and more — has become even more vitally important.

Over the course of three months, Cushing Terrell conducted an assessment of roughly 900 acres of land along with a mixture of water rights and a 1,300 acre-foot reservoir. During this time Cushing Terrell spent a lot of time in our town conducting interviews with community members, analyzing the site with the existing infrastructure, and reviewing the water rights. By spending this time at the site and with our community, Cushing Terrell was able to capture our priorities. We were very impressed with the team.

Phillip Puckett
Town Administrator
Town of Buena Vista, Colorado

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Wayne Freeman
Principal-in-Charge, Planning and Landscape Architecture