Electrical Engineering

Powering the built environment, electrical design and engineering require careful coordination and integration of complex systems. Our expertise ranges from the initial planning phase to commissioning of the final installation to ensure proper operation.

High Performance Power,
Inside and Out

Experience paired with careful research and observation inform our process — from facility planning to operation and maintenance needs to long-term master planning.

Our team focuses on client needs. We strive to develop innovative designs that are both robust and cost-effective. Cushing Terrell has become an industry leader and trusted advisor for many facility managers, even years after many projects are complete.

Design For All Shapes and Sizes

Our team can tackle electrical design for new systems, upgrades, and retrofits — for buildings of every shape, size, and functionality. Following are descriptions of some of the work we complete regularly:

Great lighting design subtly enhances the built environment with elegance and illumination. We tailor every design to timelessly fit the unique needs of a space, but always emphasize performance, efficiency, and comfort.

Electrical infrastructure is the beating heart of a building. Our engineers design reliable, size-appropriate power distribution systems for a wide variety of facility types. We work with medium- and low-voltage power distribution systems, and are well-versed in arc flash and coordination studies.

Our diverse, global project portfolio includes 911 centers, data centers, and other mission-critical buildings, including some of the largest data centers in the United States. Our team develops efficient, cost-effective power distribution and cooling systems for these high-density facilities.

Keeping power supplied to your facility in the midst of outages is critical. To ensure you’re “always on,” we’re equipped to design and deploy emergency and standby power systems, UPS systems, and micro grids. We understand the intricacies of alternative energy sources and have experience implementing CHP and CCHP, solar PV, micro hydro power generation, and micro turbine systems. These systems, when properly configured, provide grid resiliency to protect your facility in the event of extended outages

Today’s smart buildings require connectivity to a wide variety of systems supported by high-speed data networks, and our team is well-versed in all necessary technologies. Our low-voltage experience includes LAN and WAN networks, GPON, and fire alarms, plus access control, CCTV, and many other systems.

Service Highlight: Microgrids

Independent. Resilient. Alternative. Microgrids connect with the larger utility grid system, but can also disconnect and function autonomously as needed. They come in many shapes and sizes and utilize a variety of resources, from micro-hydro and biomass systems, to combined heat and power, solar photovoltaic, and battery energy storage systems. With 80+ years designing energy-efficient electrical systems and buildings, we have you covered. It’s good to have a back-up plan.

Learn more about microgrids with Director of Electrical Engineering Alan Bronec.

Service Highlight: Combined Heat and Power

One of the energy efficient technologies our team employs — for new buildings as well as renovations and remodels — is combined heat and power (CHP). CHP systems use the thermal energy created during electricity generation to supply heat and hot water throughout a building or a collection of buildings.

In addition to being energy efficient, CHP systems are cost effective, with a return on investment in the first 5-10 years; they have environmental benefits due to a reduction in greenhouse gases; and are resilient, providing an off-grid solution when needed.

Where do these systems work best? Supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, college campuses, and apartment buildings to name a few. Our team can help with feasibility analysis, identify alternatives to owning the equipment, and design the integration into the facility.

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Principal in Charge | Electrical Engineering

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