Historic Preservation

Highlighting and reinvigorating historic character and significance is a craft that demands careful and thoughtful design solutions. Cushing Terrell’s team of historic preservationists are equipped with knowledge of the most granular aspects of the built environment that transcend a moment in time.

Full Scope of Services

Cushing Terrell’s Historic Preservation team offers a wide range of historic preservation design, reporting, and planning services throughout the United States.

Our in-depth expertise covers materials and systems, building behavior and pathologies, historic materials and their uses and resiliency, and how weather and other outside factors impact both structural integrity and character-defining features. This knowledge provides our team with a substantial background for constructing and implementing preservation plans.

Collaborative and Technology-Enabled

Much of our historic preservation work occurs in parallel with Cushing Terrell’s other disciplines. We collaborate with architects, building envelope specialists, structural and civil engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, and interior designers to bring forward unique solutions specific to each project’s needs.

From ground-penetrating radar to 3D building scanning, advanced in-house technology solutions help us fully understand the project at hand. We constantly seek out opportunities to incorporate new technologies, testing, and computer modeling into the planning and documenting stages of our process.

We offer full architectural services for all phases of architectural and engineering projects including preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, reconstruction, and sensitive new contextual design. This includes:

  • Historic resource review
  • HABS/HAER documentation
  • Section 106 and Section 110 compliance
  • Historic preservation tax incentives
  • National Register of Historic Places nominations
  • Historic buildings surveys and assessments
  • Architectural materials and paint analysis
  • Master planning
  • Building maintenance and long-range plans

In addition, all our historic preservation team members meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Qualification Standards for Architecture and Historic Architecture.

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