Graphic Design

We create visual environments.

Simply put, we solve problems. We are not an ad agency. We are a multidisciplinary architecture, engineering, and design firm that has grown to include marketing services, graphic design, and multimedia production. Along with architects and engineers, we have a talented team of graphic designers with a breadth of knowledge in social media, publication, branding, advertising, photography, illustration, experiential design, animation, and video production.

Across every department, we create impact in what matters most to our clients’ success — from simple designs to strategy to full corporate rebranding. We believe in helping clients change the world for the better. And our Graphic Design team has been doing just that for over 25 years.

The team that was assembled to create the Wayfinding Plan for Great Falls was presented with many challenges, COVID-19 being just one of them, and each time, they rose to the occasion and tackled the challenges with grace and professionalism.

Joan Redeen
Community Director, Great Falls Business Improvement District
Great Falls, Montana

Services We Offer:

Brand Identity
Brand Development
Brand Standards
Logo Design

Digital Design
Email Marketing
Social Media
User Interface(UI)/User Experience(UX)
Website Design

Experiential Graphic Design
Custom Artwork
Donor Recognition Installations
Environmental Graphic Design
Public Art Displays

Wayfinding & Signage
Brand Incorporation
Code Compliance
Map Design
Materials and Fabrication Specifications
Plan Development
Sign Design

What We Do

We believe that building a strong brand identity is not solely art or solely science, but the strategic combination of the two.
The brand becomes a platform for creating a compelling, multidimensional experience at every point of interaction.

Design Process

An environmental experience
Every facility is unique and each site is different: its environment, orientation, views, and amenities. Environmental Graphic Design ties together graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design to communicate identity and information, and create a memorable impression.

What is wayfinding?
Wayfinding refers to information systems that guide people through a physical environment and enhance their understanding of an area, especially in complex environments such as hospitals and campuses. Maps, directions, and symbols contribute to a sense of well-being, safety, and security, and seamlessly guide people through all kinds of environments.

Urban wayfinding
In urban settings, wayfinding specialists develop signage and information systems for pedestrians and motorists to help them navigate the sidewalks and roads. These information systems generate “mental maps” and simplify locating services, amenities and events. Comprehensive wayfinding systems often combine signage, maps, symbols, colors, and are even popping up on mobile applications, digital displays, and other wireless technologies.

The visitor experience
Wayfinding forms the core of what environmental graphics can do to improve people’s experience of place. It is important to create wayfinding systems that convey a place’s core values and create a deeper relationship with each guest. Effective sign systems help people move easily through buildings while supporting essential code requirements, security measures, and amenities.

Plan ahead
Donor recognition displays cannot be a last minute decision. The proper space, schedule, and budget all need to be identified and prepared in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Good planning is essential.

Artful appreciation
Displays are meant to recognize donors and honor individual stories. Displays can be artful focal points in the architectural environment or used to define a transition of the space. Consider enhancing a natural gathering space with a donor recognition piece; it adds to the human experience and maximizes the visibility of generosity.

Brand and mission
The design should fit your organization’s culture and vision and engage your site’s architecture and aesthetic. The design process should seek to create a display that reflects the unique architectural features of the displays environment, the brand, and all the donor contributions represent.

It’s not just your past donors who see displays, signs, and plaques. Prospective donors see them online or as they walk by, too. Seeing the public recognition of a donation portrays a culture of loyalty, increases interest, honors legacy, and encourages others to give.

Thinking holistically is what we do. Cushing Terrell incorporates donor recognition into on-site wayfinding signage, cutting costs, increasing practicality, and maximizing visibility. Our creative services include program development, branding, and environmental graphic design, all offered cohesively by one team of graphics experts.

More than a logo and color palette
Your brand identity will play an integral part in the success of your business. It defines and conveys your core values and differentiates you from the competition. A strong brand is recognizable, consistent, relatable, authentic, and engages your target audience.

It doesn’t happen overnight
A brand should be crafted with precision and evolve over time. If not managed properly, it can cause a number of issues with your marketing efforts. Not sure if your brand is hindering or helping your business? Here are some key indicators that your brand might need a renovation:

Your brand is inconsistently implemented
Are all of your marketing efforts portraying your brand consistently? Failing to streamline your brand identity and communications can dilute your brand. If your marketing materials don’t share a common feel and message, it’s time to question your brand architecture and think about rebranding.

Your ideal customer has changed
Change is natural for every business, including changes in the ideal customer. If you’ve expanded your products and services or altered your direction, your branding may no longer reflect who you are or what you offer. When a brand ceases to represent you and your core values, it’s time to seriously consider a fresh start.

Your marketplace is changing
Are your key competitors evolving? It is vital for brands to be aware of these types of market shifts in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. A strong brand identity ensures a competitive position and communicates that position to your intended audience.

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