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Great Falls Wayfinding Plan

With the goal of driving tourism and visitors into the downtown district, Cushing Terrell was asked to develop a wayfinding plan to alert visitors to recreational opportunities, historical features, and other amenities within this core region. The client’s forward-thinking leaders quickly realized the plan should extend to include the entire city, and all the hidden ‘jewels’ within the Great Falls community.

Engaging a steering committee, diverse stakeholders and the general public, Cushing Terrell planners and graphic designers were able to synthesize a manageable and implementable plan which was adopted by the City. The wayfinding plan includes thorough maps for both vehicular and pedestrian signs, a robust sign family – compliant with local and state agency requirements, a comprehensive sign schedule – complete with sign locations and messaging, and detailed fabrication documents.

The sign design is informed by the two most prominent and loved natural features within the Great Falls community – the Great Falls of the Missouri River and the Mighty Mo itself. A unique sign shape and coloration which held consistent with yoked branding efforts, topped of the details enforcing immediate visual recognition.

The team that was assembled to create the Wayfinding Plan for Great Falls was presented with many challenges, COVID-19 being just one of them, and each time, they rose to the occasion and tackled the challenges with grace and professionalism.

Joan Redeen
Community Director, Great Falls Business Improvement District
Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls, MT

Public Engagement
Wayfinding Plan & Program
Sign Design & Brand
Map Creation