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Uwajimaya Asian Market

Working in tandem with the executive leadership, merchandising, and store leadership teams of Seattle’s iconic Asian grocery chain, Cushing Terrell developed a series of fixture plan options to revitalize Uwajimaya’s historic Chinatown-International District flagship store in Seattle. Goals of the design included modernizing the nearly 100-year-old brand image to keep pace with the new world of experiential retail and celebrate the store’s unique products from Asian-inspired produce, meat, and seafood offerings. In addition, the store layout was revised to encourage exploration and easier in-store navigation without losing the Uwajimaya character longtime loyalists know and love; improving sightlines; optimizing store security; and building more convenience into the grab-and-go offerings.

Following the finalization of the fixture plan layout, the Cushing Terrell team continued to support the store improvement endeavors with equipment coordination services, lighting design assistance, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services.

The first Uwajimaya opened in nearby Tacoma in the 1930s, and the Seattle store has been in operation for more than 20 years, a milestone they are celebrating with the unveiling of the renewed store environment.

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Seattle, WA

Electrical Engineering
Lighting Design (in partnership with Hoshide Wanzer)
Mechanical Engineering
Store Planning

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