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On the Boards: Foxtrot Market

Foxtrot — an upscale neighborhood convenience chain and e-commerce company — is completing a national expansion phase with their final new location near the University of Texas campus in Austin. This addition to Austin’s retail landscape promises to deliver a multi-functional experience where convenience, quality, and community converge. 

Cushing Terrell and Foxtrot teamed up to design the Austin bodega with the aim of incorporating aspects of the existing masonry building into Foxtrot’s clean, bright, and modern brand. To best serve the area, the finished space will offer quick, convenient, high-quality food and beverage options and will be a gathering spot with spacious indoor seating where friends can meet for coffee, catch up over a meal, or simply unwind amidst the hustle and bustle. 

In an increasingly digital world, and especially as we exit the pandemic, we believe retail will continue to thrive if done right — beautiful spaces, tailored to the neighborhood, highlighting local makers and artisans, and providing a friendly, warm gathering space for all. We can’t wait for new cities across the country to experience the Foxtrot difference.

Mike LaVitola
Co-founder and CEO, Foxtrot

The Cushing Terrell design team completed renderings as a conceptual design study — exploring how to bring in layers of interest throughout the space with lush plants, simple materials, and a focus on the unique merchandise. The store’s design utilizes a neutral color palette with warm wood tones, black accents, and touches of greenery throughout. Large banks of windows infuse the interior spaces with daylight and create a visual connection to the vibrant energy of the adjacent public space. Thoughtfully curated materials, finishes, and lighting celebrate the brand and locality at every touchpoint and integrate the store within the neighborhood. 

The reimagined space was put to paper, with resulting designs for an outdoor patio, a front-of-house area with merchandise, seating areas, a coffee and deli bar, and customer restrooms, as well as a back-of-house kitchen and support area. In addition to its diverse offerings, Foxtrot embraces cutting-edge technology to enhance the shopping experience. The design team incorporated areas for pickup or delivery, ensuring a smooth and efficient shopping experience. In addition to the new design concept and aesthetic, the team solved building systems challenges by upgrading HVAC, electrical, and structural systems.  

Combining convenience with curated offerings, Foxtrot is more than just a haven for food enthusiasts. It’s a gathering place that fosters a sense of connection. The communal tables serve as a meeting point, encouraging serendipitous encounters and conversations that embody the spirit of Austin’s vibrant community.

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