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Boise Farmer’s Market Creative Study

The Retail design team was called upon to help Boise Farmers Market and River Shore Development envision what their new vibrant community location could look like.

Our team members tapped into their knowledge of the local culture and embarked upon research to help understand the aspirations and needs of both groups of stakeholders, as well as to study the context and mobility of the neighborhood. We brought together in-house experts in retail thought-leadership, branding, wayfinding, graphics, and placemaking for a “creative download” that included options for the site plan, logos, and signage.

The energy-filled collaboration between Boise Retail, Marketing, and Landscape Architecture studios, along with market input from associate principal Sheri Blattel, produced a rich idea book that helped propel the Boise Farmers Market to a new site where their aspirations for food, farmers, and the community can flourish.

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