Cushing Terrell Promotes Ten Team Members as the Firm’s Newest Associates

The new associates represent six disciplines and seven offices, and bring a wide-range of skills and qualities that contribute to the firm’s success.

Multidisciplinary design firm Cushing Terrell recently announced the promotion of ten team members to associate, a first-level ownership tier. These team members hail from seven of the firm’s thirteen offices and represent six professional disciplines. The promotion is awarded based on each individual’s unique display of commitment to Cushing Terrell’s core values and their contributions to the firm’s mission-driven causes, business and design excellence, industry relationships, and client success.

“Associate promotions are always an honor to share,” said Greg Matthews, Cushing Terrell president and CEO. “This year’s class brings tremendous energy and expertise to Cushing Terrell’s ownership group. I am proud of every one of these team members and the unique contributions and accomplishments that have earned them recognition at this level.”

Meet Cushing Terrell’s New Associates

Nathan Bronec, PE | Project Manager & Electrical Engineer | Missoula

Nathan is a project manager and electrical engineer with Cushing Terrell’s Infrastructure group. Nathan specializes in energy production modeling, power distribution and generation, alternative energy systems, and battery energy storage. His current work is focused on photovoltaic (PV) projects that range from large-scale solar farms to microgrids in remote areas of California. Nathan is passionate about delivering smart, sustainable, on-site energy generation solutions for the firm’s clients across a variety of industries and markets.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

I bring the unique perspective of working in the EPC world to develop energy generation projects. My goal is to continue to help our clients reach energy resiliency by designing responsible, on-site generation strategies, along with continuing to help advance our overall infrastructure market development.”

Bradley Dunbar, AIA, LFA | Architect | Boise

Bradley is an architect with experience in a range of market sectors including commercial, healthcare, industrial, multifamily, and retail. A proven leader who enjoys working with others, he has grown to be a strong project architect, effectively coordinating teams in the delivery of complex projects nationwide. As a creative person with a solutions-based mindset, Bradley excels in fully understanding his clients’ needs, collaboratively exploring design solutions, and making decisions in a timely manner. Bradley serves in the role of a cultural ambassador for the firm, helping to nurture and grow an authentic, welcoming culture for all employees through onboarding and people-focused initiatives. 

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

“My life’s goal has always been to lead through kindness and positivity. I intend for this to never change. For Cushing Terrell and the associate group, I plan to bring a fresh, human perspective to leadership with an effort to represent the underrepresented. I will bring joy and optimism to the group in hope of inspiring and encouraging us into a bright future.”

John Faley | Project Manager & Architect | Seattle

John is the manager of Architectural Communities of Practice and a supervisor of the Seattle architectural studio. He plays a pivotal role in knowledge management, developing architectural technical training materials, and contributing to the QM/QC team. A seasoned professional known for his leadership and expertise in architecture and project management, John has experience in the commercial, ecclesiastic, and government markets. He has oversees a diverse portfolio including master planning, entitlements, new ground-up, shell and core, specification, and other comprehensive architectural projects. Recognized for his practical and strategic problem-solving approach, John fosters an environment of encouragement, dedicating himself to training and mentoring the next generation of architects.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

“The fifteen years I spent working as a contractor gives me a unique perspective as an architect. There is a saying that if you are working too hard, you are using the wrong tool, or a dull tool. I will advocate for continued investments of company time and resources to develop and hone our tools and knowledgebase, and to ensure we prioritize training and mentorship as the backbone for a successful future of our company.”

Casey Huffman | IT BIM Specialist | Great Falls

Casey is a member of Cushing Terrell’s Information Technology team. He specializes in web development and computer support with advanced proficiency in CAD and BIM software. Casey’s contributions are fundamental to how our teams can visualize, create, and share designs with each other, our clients, and our project partners. Casey has been interested in computers for as long as he can remember, which evolved into related interests in graphics, printing, and design technology with Autodesk products. He solves a wide array of technical issues and takes a proactive approach to ensure our systems and tools are accurately and efficiently designed.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

“Being outside of a normal production role, I’m hoping to bring more insight from this perspective and help with challenges faced from both directions. I’m also excited to look for ways to improve workflows and efficiencies within a new area of Cushing Terrell, bringing some humor and fun with me along the way.”

Amy Lindgren | Architect | Boise

Amy’s design expertise and passion are focused on education and healthcare design. Through her in-depth knowledge of both markets, she brings a particular eye to the user experience and how we can create environments that support learning, healing, and wellbeing. She has served as the lead architect on a broad range of projects, both new builds and remodels, for clients across the Mountain Region. She has led teams from programming and concept through construction and post-occupancy evaluation while focusing on client care. Amy joined Cushing Terrell in 2009.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“I am honored to be joining the associate group. Cushing Terrell has always been a place where I can learn and grow without restrictions; this freedom has allowed me to hone my skills in leading teams and providing great client care. My goal is to foster that same feeling for our newer staff through mentorship and knowledge-sharing, furthering our reputation as a company that provides excellent service.”

Shawn Pauly, AIA, NCARB | Architect | Kalispell 

Shawn’s expertise is primarily focused on education and government projects, for which he has in-depth knowledge of stakeholder engagement, consensus building, and public funding processes. His work includes campus master planning, athletic facilities, performance/theatrical spaces, vocational and career technical educational facilities, courtrooms, detention facilities, administration space planning, and emergency services design. A lead for the construction administration process, Shawn values being in a team environment, building relationships with local contractors, collaborating with Cushing Terrell’s engineering teams, and overall building a better understanding of building systems and other disciplines that contribute to holistic design. 

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“For me, it’s all about cultivating relationships. We don’t get to dream BIG without our clients, we don’t get to build without contractors, and none of it works without each other (talented people in different disciplines pushing designs forward in a complex harmony). I highly value the talented people I sit next to, the creative folks who walk through the door with a vision, and the skilled individuals who make it all a tangible reality. It is that team ethos that I will continue to nurture and cultivate as an associate.” 

Adam Schlegel, PE | Project Manager & Civil Engineer | Bozeman

Adam leads Cushing Terrell’s civil engineering team in Bozeman, working to support regional clients; and create opportunities for growth through new business development, project pursuits, internal networking, and community engagement. He began his career at Cushing Terrell within the civil team, starting in water/wastewater, stormwater, and sewer design, as well as site design projects. While he still works in this capacity today, Adam has since sought to take on more challenges and responsibilities, such as project management, new business development, and his role as Bozeman civil team lead.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“Along with providing mentoring and training opportunities for young engineers, I will continue to be an advocate for the civil and site group, working to build relationships inside and outside of the company. I am greatly looking forward to engaging with the associate group, learning from company leadership, and passing down what I have learned for the betterment of the entire team. I truly embrace the servant leadership philosophy and my goal is to live this out and hopefully inspire others to do the same.”

Matt Scofield, CCP, BEAP | Project Manager & Commissioning Agent | Billings

Matt leads Cushing Terrell’s commissioning group, working alongside contractors during the commissioning process to ensure building owners have efficient, high-performing systems upon delivery of their new facilities. Throughout his career, Matt has continually built on his expertise, becoming a Certified Commissioning Professional and Building Energy Assessment Professional, as well as being promoted to commissioning manager and project manager. Matt is a member of Cushing Terrell’s project management leadership team and continually strives to find efficiencies and improvements to support teams and clients. He enjoys mentoring team members and inspiring the next generation as a volunteer with Newman Elementary School.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“My goal is to continue to grow the commissioning group and provide our clients with exceptional services to bring their projects online and ensure ongoing high performance. With new energy compliance requirements being mandated by local municipalities and government agencies, our team has a great opportunity to help our clients reach energy efficiency goals and reduce their overall carbon footprints.”

Josh Shiverick | Project Manager | Boise

Josh serves as the industrial design studio lead as part of Cushing Terrell’s commercial design group. He is not only committed to supporting the firm’s industrial clients but also shaping and expanding the overall architectural service sector. He embodies a unique leadership style that goes beyond conventional roles, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among team members. With his proactive approach to project management, Josh anticipates challenges, guides teams through obstacles, and cultivates a culture of innovation that drives creative problem-solving.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“I will bring motivation, drive, and boundless curiosity. I want to cultivate an environment where project teams are successful, we create legacy clients, we are always innovating, and every individual thrives. My passion is industrial design and my goal is to sculpt Cushing Terrell’s industrial prowess, creating a legacy of industrial design excellence.”

Melinda Talarico | Project Manager | Bozeman

Coming from a non-AEC background, Melinda’s perspective and education in industrial and management engineering have been invaluable to Cushing Terrell’s work in the building sector. After supporting three major projects for education clients — a new 300,000 sq. ft. ground-up high school, a 100,000 sq. ft. high school addition and remodel, and a major remodel of a historic building at Montana State University — she was promoted to project manager. Currently, she is the program manager for a major retail client and manages more than 250 remodel projects each year. Melinda is adept at building effective, cohesive teams, bringing together diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and skill sets to bring about the best solutions for the firm’s clients and their projects. 

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

I am a people-oriented problem solver and strive for continual improvement. I enjoy examining the flow of processes, people, and information to look for efficiencies in the way we work. I have a constant willingness to learn and see things from new angles, which informs my curiosity for improving systems.”

About Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell was founded in 1938 on the belief that integrating architecture, engineering, and design opens the doors for deepened relationships and enhanced creativity. This foundation continues to define the firm and its multidisciplinary team today. Driven by empathy, the team works to design systems and spaces that help people live their best lives and enjoy healthy, sustainable built environments. With more than 400 team members spanning 30-plus disciplines and expertise across the commercial, education, government, healthcare, infrastructure, residential, and retail markets, the firm has offices in Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Texas, and Washington. For more information about Cushing Terrell, visit