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The Afton

The Afton condominium complex was designed to provide a new and different way of living in our thriving yet rapidly growing urban environment. Formulated after extensive engagement with the local community to assess needs and solicit opinions, this project notably increases the quality of Boise’s built
environment with additional housing options. The City of Boise’s initiative to create 1,000 downtown units within a decade was a catalyst for the development. The challenge: revitalize a former warehouse lot surrounded by the vibrancy of the BoDo district, Boise River Greenbelt, multiple theaters, Zoo Boise, Boise Art Museum, and several parks.

Phase 1 of The Afton project — completed in conjuction with GGLO — included 80,000 sq. ft. spanning six stories and 28 condos (ranging from one-bed/one-bath to three-bed/two-bath), three live/work units, and 4,000 sq. ft. of retail space. The first floor offers secure, dedicated parking, bike storage, owner storage, and a commercial/retail space. On the second and third floors are owner amenity patios including a dog run, landscape features, bike parking and repair areas, a pet bathing station, and built-in BBQ area. The first-floor plaza offers a landscaped area with native plants and permeable pavers. Phase 2 added 37 additional units in the 86,600 sq. ft., five-story building, plus amenities comparable to Phase 1.

Regionally-sourced, durable, and maintenance-free materials were selected to ensure cost-effectiveness and ease of facility upkeep. Each condo has open living space with ample daylight and well-lit interior spaces. A variation in living types and units, as well as price points, creates a unique townhome lifestyle in a multi-story condo for individuals and families of all types to enjoy. Rooftop and outdoor amenity spaces offer private respite for tenants. Overall, with retail potential and proximity to other shops and restaurants, The Afton also provides a unique live/work environment for Boise’s downtown community.

Boise, ID