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Montana State University, Energy District Design

Cushing Terrell was selected for a multi-year, multi-phase contract to develop a campus-wide energy master plan and targeted projects to help Montana State University (MSU) increase energy efficiency. The team is assisting MSU with its continued progress in designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings on its campus with unprecedented levels of energy efficiency. A large part of this effort will include comprehensive energy planning for existing and future buildings, creating energy districts, and leveraging heat pumps and geothermal technology.  

In partnership with McKinstry’s EcoDistrict group, HDR, Major Geothermal, and Practical Energy Management, Cushing Terrell will develop the overall master plan and identify projects to support energy district integration and the infrastructure needed to connect with the geothermal fields below campus, as well as employ overall energy reduction and reuse strategies. The work by Cushing Terrell and partners will assist the university in meeting its goals of attaining a STARS Platinum rating by 2035 and becoming carbon neutral by 2040, as outlined in the university’s sustainability framework. 

Bozeman, MT

Energy Master Planning