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1201 Western Ave, Ste. 700
Seattle, WA 98101

One thing we love about working with Cushing Terrell is the breadth and talent of their services. Every project we’ve completed with Cushing Terrell has exceeded our expectations.

Susan Allen, Director
Town & Country Markets, Inc.

Intelligent Design for Unique Client Needs

Cushing Terrell’s multi-disciplinary team in Seattle, WA, specializes in architecture, interior design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and plumbing engineering. These experts bring their experience to the region to help clients of all sizes and needs, whether for commercial, retail, government, healthcare, or residential needs. The Cushing Terrell team can help with every step of the design and construction process, from site assessment to post-occupancy evaluations.

Having an architecture firm that actively listens to the client leads to personal, specific, and inspired design. Each client has a unique set of needs, expectations, hopes, and challenges that drive the project. Cushing Terrell works to integrate these qualities in our process-orientated approach.

Responsive, Holistic Interior Design

The user should always be at the center of design. In a city surrounded by nature, Cushing Terrell’s Seattle team understands the importance of well-being in any space. This appreciation for the whole self drives our firm’s vision toward interior design: By improving our indoor environments through thoughtful and accessible design, careful material selections, and biophilic elements, we design for well-being.

Reach out to learn more about the Cushing Terrell interior design process, which doesn’t end when your ideas are implemented — it evolves along with its users.

Enhancing the Retail Experience

Today’s shoppers expect a thoughtful experience when they step through your doors. Cushing Terrell explores what shapes the buyer journey — to optimize the retail environment, address functionality and sustainability, and consider current and future operational needs. Your brand is at the core of this work, helping to forge an authentic experience for the shopper.

Our team’s retail work is on full display at destinations like Metropolitan Market in the Sammamish Village shopping center. Inspired by Met Market’s leadership, our design team set out to create a contemporary space that showcases the grocer’s gourmet food offerings from around the world. Using a color palette and building materials that nod to the region’s logging history, our team designed a retail experience that’s both relaxing and enjoyable.

Check out our work with Whole Foods Market and Town & Country Markets for additional examples of what close partnerships and experiential design can achieve in today’s supermarket.

We Love Seattle!

Much like the mountain region and urban landscape surrounding it, the Cushing Terrell Seattle team works to infuse large projects with character and personalization. The office is located Downtown, boasting a beautiful view of Elliott Bay and the Seattle Ferris Wheel. The team was established in 2004 and has grown right along with the city. Reach out! We’d love to talk to you about your next project or opportunities for joining our team.

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