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Port Gardner Landing at the Port of Everett

Cushing Terrell performed core and shell design work for this multi-tenant retail facility at Port Gardner Landing, a development that is adding economic and social vitality to the Port of Everett’s Waterfront Place Central Community. The project is part of the Port’s long-range plan to bring retail, restaurants and small business opportunities to the reimagined waterfront destination. 

Recognizing the area’s history while accommodating modern needs was the design team’s guiding principle. The building is adjacent to the Naval station and is on the site of one of the waterfront’s original structures—the Weyerhaeuser building. But current standards and codes meant incorporating Port of Everett internal guidelines and city of Everett design requirements into the project. The plan had to factor in glazing, articulation, and massing. Developers also wanted to have protected exterior meeting and gathering spaces to encourage social interaction and community building. The design prioritized an inviting courtyard/patio area exposed to the waterfront, enabling connectivity to other waterfront features and amenities. 

Designers explored many features that would give a nod to existing waterfront buildings while adding elements of modern refinement. The area’s heritage plays into the design, but with new aspects that make it contemporary. Designers paid close attention to colors and materials to provide a modern nautical look. The colors draw on the ocean palette, with cloudy green-grays reminiscent of Northwest environments. Steel and brass accents offer a subtle harbor impression. 

Tenants Sound 2 Summit Brewing and Woods Coffee are current occupants of this new facility.  

Everett, WA

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