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As of March 2024, we have a new home! Here's our updated address and phone number:

1700 Broadway, Suite 1200
Denver, CO 80290

A Comprehensive Approach

The expertise of Cushing Terrell’s Denver, CO, team covers architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, land planning, historic preservation, and more. The team helps clients from a range of markets, including healthcare, education, residential, government, and commercial. When you have a group of experts who can help with everything from breweries and ice cream shops to hospitals and data centers, it’s clear there’s no task too small or too complex.

Cushing Terrell’s Denver office has worked hard to set itself apart from the competition by combining comprehensive building design with comprehensive site planning — the latter of which was accomplished through the assembly of a site team focused on urban planning, community and stakeholder engagement, civil engineering, and landscape architecture.

My experience working with Cushing Terrell on a highly complex ground-up data center and office project was greatly benefitted by their integrated architectural and MEP engineering team. There is no question the project timeline was shortened and stress levels were significantly reduced.

Dan Rudd, VP, Corporate Real Estate | AppFolio

Engineering for Quality and Longevity

Cushing Terrell views civil engineering as an opportunity to mesh development and design — with quality and longevity at its core. Our Civil Engineering team is made up of multi-disciplinary experts who focus on planning, land development, and infrastructure engineering. We can help on every step of the journey, from the initial planning phase through construction.

If you’re interested in learning just how responsive we can be to your schedule, budget, and construction needs, we’d love to chat.

Celebrating the Past

While it’s easy for design firms to focus on the newest trends, we’re also keen to highlight and restore buildings’ historic character. Cushing Terrell’s Historic Preservation team‘s services include design, reporting, and planning. Our work is informed by the team’s knowledge of materials and systems, building behavior and pathologies, historic materials and their uses and resiliency, and how weather and other factors impact structural integrity and character-defining features.

The sites we work with may be steeped in history, but our unique solutions incorporate cutting-edge technologies, testing, and computer modeling in both the planning and documentation stages of the process.

Embracing Denver

Our Denver team is set on being the city’s (and the state’s) go-to problem-solvers for its built environment. What started out as a small outpost for Cushing Terrell has since become a powerhouse in the region. The city is a hub for federal work, healthcare, and multi-family developments, but the team has also expanded into additional service sectors and new disciplines. Our Denver office has been a scrappy and successful story — because you can’t live in the Mile-High City and not aim upward.

We’d love to show you around, talk through your upcoming project, and chat about opportunities for joining our family. Stop by and say hello.

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