An Energy Expert Answers the Question: What Is Carbon Neutrality?

Big companies and organizations have been in the headlines lately as they make carbon neutral pledges, publicly stating their commitment to slowing the effects of climate change. These goals are admirable, but are they attainable? And perhaps equally importantly, do we really understand what it means to be carbon neutral? In the building industry, the carbon conversation has been ongoing for years, and those who study carbon emissions are keenly aware that the built environment is a maj...

Energy Modeling: Digging into the Data to Optimize Design Decisions

When it comes to making design decisions, there are many factors to consider and innumerable scenarios for each project. While the ideal scenario must fit within the project budget, two related considerations are lifetime operating costs and energy use. With so many possibilities, how do we help our clients make the best decisions? A key tool we use at Cushing Terrell is energy modeling. With energy models, we review potential building performance scenarios long before construction and ...