Mixed-Use Design

Mixed-use developments bring vibrancy and expressiveness to the neighborhoods in which they reside. Through the seamless blending of retail, art, residence, and community engagement these spaces provide a reason to gather and share experiences.

Effective mixed-use design orchestrates sociability, walkability, and convenience.

Bringing It All Together


Providing solutions for store planning, programming, space planning, egress complexities, building construction type, moisture and condensation control, and clear heights.

Structural Design

Slab design and review, slab attachments, and sleeving and coring.


Full MEPR services to address clash detection and conflicts with adjacent occupancies, utility tie-ins, HVAC and refrigeration systems, heat rejection, and exhausting and venting, among others.


Utilizing sound growth principles and superior design communication to craft aspirational community plans for cities and counties.

Landscape Architecture

Reinforcing and enhancing connections between built and natural environments.

Leveraging Creativity and Collaboration

Our integrated design team spans markets, skill sets, and geographies, but we’re powered by one common mission: to invent a better way of living through ingenuity, diversity, and empathy.

About Cushing Terrell

Cushing Terrell was founded in 1938 by a pair of forward-thinking architects who believed in the importance of combining architectural and engineering services. Since day one, we have aspired to expand our multi-disciplinary approach and it now includes 30+ design-related disciplines. Currently numbering more than 450 team members, we have 13 offices throughout the United States. Our retail work spans all 50 states and seven countries around the globe, and includes 22 of the top 50 grocery brands.

Team Members
Years in Business