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A continued and truly collaborative partnership, Albertsons brings passion and inventiveness to their work with Cushing Terrell’s grocery design studio. This inspired and productive relationship is defined by sustainability, design innovation, and high achievement.

From GreenChill platinum honors to resort-style store designs, the years-long relationship with Albertsons is marked by outstanding achievements and inventiveness in a critical segment. Some of our proudest moments mark limit-pushing achievements for Albertsons, and we’re happy to be a part of the team making these moments happen.

Notable Achievements:

  • Creation of the nation’s first NH3/CO2 (all-natural) grocery refrigeration system in Carpenteria, CA (the system received the EPA’s GreenChill Platinum certification)
  • Design of TD Star Market, Boston’s largest supermarket
  • Lighting retrofit program that resulted in more than $1M per year in energy savings (almost 10 million kW — enough to power 882 homes for 365 days!)
  • Refrigeration systems design for more than 800 grocery stores and fuel centers
  • Creative and authentic store design innovations

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