Industrial Facilities Design

Your Answer to Changing Consumer Behaviors

Consumer behaviors drive industrial development, and they are always changing. But with a deep understanding of the supply chain, swift, efficient, and sustainable design solutions that improve the flow of product handling from manufacturing to consumption are possible.

Cushing Terrell’s Industrial design team understands that successful industrial development requires a balance of form and function to optimize productivity, safety, and efficiency. We work with you, actively listening to your needs while suggesting ways to keep you ahead of emerging technologies and a rapidly changing market. Whether it’s warehousing, distribution centers, or manufacturing, our research-driven design approach will guide you from a need and a vision to innovative developments that empower your business to thrive and grow.

From Design to Installation

Cushing Terrell brings a team of architects, engineers, designers, and planners specializing in industrial market development to every commercial industrial project. We strive to create efficient designs that improve product handling from manufacturing to consumption and understand the importance of balancing form and function for successful industrial development. By staying ahead of industry changes and trends, we create spaces that accommodate automation, robotics, and other emerging technologies. Our process-oriented design approach helps clients turn their visions into dynamic, innovative developments.

Integrated, Holistic Expertise

Successful industrial development requires a balance of form and function to optimize productivity, safety, and efficiency. Our multidisciplinary design team, with deep specialized knowledge and widespread experience, enables us to create thoughtful solutions that meet your specific needs. We consider the experience of the space for every user and apply a process-oriented design approach to deliver dynamic, innovative, optimal developments that empower businesses to thrive and grow.

Industrial design is about creating a space that enables businesses to operate at their fullest potential. It’s about optimizing every square inch to create a functional, efficient, and safe environment that meets the unique needs of each client. With the right design, an industrial building can become a powerful tool that enables businesses to succeed, and communities to thrive.

Josh Shiverick, Cushing Terrell
Industrial Studio Lead | Project Manager

Our Process


We leave no stone unturned, digging deeply into industrial health, safety, industry trends, your business, and all things that make your project unique.


Collaboration peaks when we design, share, listen, and revise until everything looks just right, and plans are as elegantly simple as possible.



We live for that sense of relief, accomplishment, and pride when it all comes together. You step inside, and your vision becomes reality!


The work doesn’t end when the doors open for business. We review your space and user experience as they evolve with time and use.

Bringing you the best in:

Industrial Park Planning

Cushing Terrell is committed to creating long-term, responsible growth for communities through a sustainable approach to industrial park planning. By taking a holistic view of the entire ecosystem, Cushing Terrell considers the needs of the businesses and the community, planning for both short-term and long-term growth. Through smart investment in infrastructure and efficient design solutions, our team creates industrial parks that foster innovation, safety, and resilience, and provide a foundation upon which communities can thrive now and into the future.


From layout planning to equipment selection, our experts can help streamline processes, enhance automation, and achieve maximum return-on-investment (ROI) through tailored warehouse design solutions. We look to create fully integrated, future-proof warehouses that meet the demands of tomorrow. Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach will guide you through even the most challenging design obstacles to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing facility.


Our collaborative design team tailors solutions to your unique needs, from site selection and equipment layout to building design. Whether designing from the ground up or transforming outdated facilities into modern, efficient production centers, we take care to identify opportunities for improvement, and design solutions that maximize space, streamline operations, and enhance productivity. We have the expertise to update equipment, optimize workflow, or reconfigure floor plans — unlocking the potential of your space.

Distribution Centers

By staying ahead of advances in automation, robotics, and other emerging technologies, we provide you with the most innovative and efficient solutions for your distribution center. We are committed to future planning and designing for the long term, and recognize the importance of creating facilities that are flexible and adaptable to future needs. We will work closely with you to understand your long-term goals and design facilities that can be easily adapted to your evolving needs.

Adaptive Reuse and Renovation

Among our specialized service providers is a team of reuse and preservation experts with expertise that includes renovating, and modernizing existing structures, historic preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction. We recognize and emphasize the importance of adaptive reuse in conserving financial and environmental resources, and we’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get creative to transform existing buildings to suit any number of clever reuses.

Repurposing existing buildings can significantly reduce embodied carbon and contribute to resource conservation, reductions in carbon emissions, and the preservation of natural environments.

Listen to a podcast as architect Ava Alltmont discusses the concept of reimagining existing and sometimes historic structures, a practice known formally as adaptive reuse.

Cold Storage

Creating efficient, reliable, and durable cold storage facilities and refrigeration systems is second nature for us. With one of the largest refrigeration engineering groups in the country, Cushing Terrell’s refrigeration knowledge and experience run deep and includes new facilities, modernizations, expansions, additions, and facility consolidations.

Interior Design

Indoor spaces have a huge influence on our health, well-being, productivity, ability to learn, and so much more. Cushing Terrell’s interior design experts harness this influence not only to create more successful spaces for you, but also to improve your daily life. We create interior spaces that successfully meet the unique requirements of the end users and enhance the human experience. We support projects across markets, allowing us to bring learnings from a wide range of building types to your industrial designs.


Our vision for sustainable design is a balance between the built and natural environments that will provide a healthy future for our clients, colleagues, and communities. We wholeheartedly accept our responsibility and leadership role to advance sustainable design and building practices. We believe in holistic environments that maximize systems and synergies and minimize environmental impacts while protecting the health and well-being of the people who occupy those environments. As an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council and proud signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment, we’re working to achieve carbon-neutral buildings by 2030, and we bring this expertise to each project we take on.

We are excited to engage our sustainable design and engineering experts in conversations with you to identify opportunities for energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental stewardship, and certification.

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