#EarthDay2020: Let’s get moving (literally!) and centralize our waste

Interior Designer Kaare Sola Two years ago, Cushing Terrell in Seattle staged a trial run to evaluate the feasibility of moving to a centralized waste system. What exactly does this entail? A centralized waste collection model is when waste (including recycling, landfill, and compost) is limited to one or two collection points within a space. People who use the space must take their waste to the designated collection area, where it is sorted and removed....

Challenge accepted! Greening our Cushing Terrell materials libraries

Senior Interior Designer Kaare Sola The backstory... As a senior interior designer with Cushing Terrell and someone who’s passionate about making eco-conscious choices when it comes to our work, I was struck by an "aha" moment during a Greenbuild seminar two years ago. While soaking up a presentation from mindful MATERIALS (mM), I was inspired to make a difference at our firm. The mM database is a free, online resource that helps people make informed dec...