Putting Out Fires and Taking on Tough Jobs, Nathan Helfrich is Honored with 2020 Integrity and Client Service Award

The Integrity and Client Service (ICS) Award is the highest annual honor bestowed upon a Cushing Terrell team member. Nicknamed “The Geno” after 54-year-tenured Gene Kolstad, the award is presented in December with a cash prize. Colleagues are nominated from across the firm, and the winner is judged on their excellence in three categories: honesty, compassion, and responsiveness. Our 2020 ICS Award recipient is Nathan Helfrich. A project architect and associate in Bozeman, Montana, he's...

[Infographic] The Grocery Store Experience: How to Design Safe, Adaptable Shopping Environments

As we continue to settle into the economic and psychological realities of COVID-19, businesses are evaluating what response tactics worked well in 2020 and where there’s room for improvement to ensure resilience going forward. For businesses deemed essential, such as grocery stores, the learning curve has been short and steep — adapting hasn’t been about “if,” but “how” and “how fast.” There are some shining examples of stores that have, under the circumstances, truly embraced the proce...