New in our portfolio: Creating a community treasure

Rose Park Pool is a prized community recreation spot in Billings, Montana. Working in partnership with aquatic design consultant Counsilman-Hunsaker and our client the City of Billings Parks and Recreation, our team designed a renovation for the facility that would provide an exceptional (and invigorating) experience for staff and pool-goers alike. The project goals were to: enhance comfort, safety, and accessibility; reduce operating and utility costs; create an environment reflective o...

New program invites young designers to interrogate experts — up first, David Salmela

Design Principal David Koel, an architect for 26 years, is a curious guy. He channels his hunger for knowledge into learning opportunities — from reading to investigation to simply asking a zillion questions of people who know things he doesn't. (This especially comes out in his many discussions with clients.) But Koel doesn't learn in a vacuum — and he thinks asking questions should not only be encouraged but given center stage at a design- and knowledge-centric place like Cushing Terr...