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National Expertise, Local Touch

Our New Orleans team of architects integrates seamlessly with all of Cushing Terrell’s various service sectors — including an array of engineers, interior designers, and other specialists — to design spaces collaboratively for clients in retail, commercial, and government markets. The regional office helps to add a local touch to the larger company’s swath of expertise.

Much like the city itself is influenced by many cultures but combined in a way that is uniquely New Orleans, the local Cushing Terrell team pulls expertise from offices around the country while creating spaces that are distinct and contextual.

“The buildings exceed all expectations. The feedback from [the teams] was glowing, citing how amazingly inclusive the whole [design] process was, how individuals felt heard (and that their voice actually made a difference) and how proud they now are of their workplace.”

Jessie [Woodyard] Simerlein | Business Partner to People Operations
Real Estate & Workplace Services, Google 

Design is At Our Core (and Yours)

Architecture is foundational to Cushing Terrell. We understand that each project is unique — based on its environment, orientation, community, and amenities. We shape the design process around the user and the site, and our architects act as your guides and interpreters. The process begins and ends with research, and each step is driven by multidisciplinary collaboration. In our minds, every project should be functional, as simple as possible, and elegant.

We’d love to tell you more about how we can help you to realize your design goals. Reach out for a chat when you’re ready!

Accruent office New Orleans

Space That Evolves With Your Business

A modern commercial workplace should inspire interaction, motivation, and employee satisfaction. Business — and company culture — is ever-evolving, and the user experience should reflect this constant metamorphosis. Your environment should adapt alongside your business, and we work to ensure the built environment can accommodate constant reevaluation and evolution.

Our work with Accruent on their office in the Central Business District reflects the company’s ever-evolving needs while reflecting the culture and architecture of the French Quarter. The workplace provides the flexibility needed for a technology firm, with a nod to iconic regional flair.

Design Infused with Bon Temps

Cushing Terrell New Orleans is a small and passionate office of architects located in the Central Business District. We are proud to bring the Crescent City’s rich history, unique culture, and exciting future to Cushing Terrell’s diverse community. Partnering with our larger offices, we add New Orleans’ culture and resilience to all of our projects.

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