Careful survey work can be your best insurance for detecting potential design challenges before they arise. Looking at your land with a critical, trained, and thoughtful eye is essential to the success of any built environment.

The Power of an Integrated Approach

The Cushing Terrell land surveying team is uniquely joined with our landscape architectural, civil engineering, and planning disciplines to form the Cushing Terrell Infrastructure group. Our culture and philosophy as a team (and a firm) embrace a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to every design project. We build our teams to reflect the uniqueness of the communities where we live and work, and approach each project holistically and comprehensively.

A Surveyor For Every Need

Our team can address all land surveying needs during pre-, mid-, and post-construction phases, plus one-off projects or recurring series of tasks. Following are descriptions of some of the work we complete regularly:

Topographic surveys measure ground contours, existing physical features, and underground utilities. An accurate topographic survey lays the groundwork and is the basis for a successful design. Cushing Terrell has conducted topographic surveys for clients throughout the United States.

Professional land surveyors conduct extensive research into a property’s history, and thorough field investigations to recover existing evidence on the ground for proper, correct, and legally defensible boundary determinations. Cushing Terrell’s land surveyors perform boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS land title surveys, subdivisions, easement exhibit preparation, and more.

Construction mistakes are costly, and our survey crews take the time to check and double-check their work to minimize the possibility of errors, and assure accurate and high-quality stakeout. Our field crews work closely with contractors to ensure they are equipped with all the information they need on-site and that the information is explained and understood. Construction stakeout, bolt surveys, and column line/building layout are all part of our standard capabilities.

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