Visualization Services:
Modeling, Rendering,
Animation, and Virtual Reality

Through the use of rendering, animations, and virtual reality, Cushing Terrell’s Envision team is committed to providing the highest quality graphics, visuals, and experiences. It is our highest priority that our clients receive the care and attention necessary to make educated and confident design decisions.

Getting a Sneak Preview

Cushing Terrell’s Visualization Services team can help stakeholders, customers, and the public experience environments well before they’ve broken ground. This can aid with community support, attracting tenants and funding, addressing space layouts, or even just providing a teaser of what’s to come.

This can be accomplished at various levels of complexity and project “done-ness,” and can span simple still images to highly detailed, deeply immersive virtual tours. Whatever the ask, our team can provide what is needed to accomplish project goals within budget.

Everything You Need to Help Visualize Your Project

3-D Renderings

Three-dimensional renders help better understand size and scale, context, and orientation, and provide a look at early (or late) virtual models of facility and landscape design.


Animations are “pre-recorded” clips depicting travel around a building or site, enhancing the experientiality of viewing your project and allowing for significantly more depth versus still images.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours allow users to take self-guided trips through spaces, travel from room to room or site to site, perform 360-degree spins, and click on icons for additional information. Here are a few examples in various market sectors:

Virtual Reality (VR) Walk-Throughs

Virtual reality is the closest thing to experiencing what a space is like before it’s built. VR lets you “walk” as you would in the real world, explore environments at eye-level; look up, down, and around as your head moves; traverse floors fluidly; move in and out of doors; change seasons, times of day, and weather; and generally have complete control over your experience.

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