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Saltzer Health Urgent Care

Saltzer Health recognized a need to change both the perception and actual experience of urgent care to create more holistic patient care. By incorporating new ideas in the layout, technological enhancements, and a look and feel inspired by natural materials, our team helped realize the client’s vision of a welcoming Saltzer Health brand that will be recognizable across the Treasure Valley.

To create consistency, the team utilized impactful yet streamlined architectural elements, making the brand scalable across the Saltzer Health portfolio while maintaining an intimate setting on smaller sites. To enhance the welcoming feel and create greater visibility, entries were positioned so they provide efficient access from the street, at the convergence of pedestrian pathways and the edges of parking areas. Automated doors contribute to ease of access and sanitary entries where the flow of people is the greatest. Utilizing technology such as scheduling and check-in via mobile app, patients are met with a calm, efficient, and organized environment.

The introduction of private waiting suites adjacent to lobby areas create transition spaces that can accommodate individuals and families alike, helping to meet differing needs and emphasizing respect for the patient. Additionally, this configuration reduces the need for large waiting rooms, minimizing noise and the spread of germs. The lobby and waiting area have floor-to-ceiling windows with seating oriented outward, allowing daylight and views to be the focus, instead of other patients, resulting in more privacy and comfort. Finally, the color scheme, artwork, and modern details help make this a non-typical patient experience.

By designing from the patient’s perspective, we’ve been able to make changes that ease anxiety and increase comfort, while meeting the needs of the medical staff and helping facilitate a streamlined urgent care experience.

Take a walkthrough of the Caldwell urgent care location.

Photography: The Brothers Rabe

Treasure Valley, ID

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