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Mammoth Hot Springs Micro-hydroelectric Facility

This hydroelectric project consisted of a new powerhouse containing a Pelton-type hydro-electric turbine, induction generator, switchgear, SCADA system, and telemetry system. An existing raw water pipeline, which supplies water to the existing raw water reservoir and water treatment plant, was diverted to the new powerhouse and connected to the Pelton turbine to generate power. The turbine runs at a base head and flow of 473 feet and 4.2 cubic feet per second, and generates 170 kW. The system produces 1,400,000 kWH of power per year, which equates to the power consumed by approximately 170 homes.

This hydro-electric generation installation was ideal as it utilizes existing infrastructure to generate power, creates no additional environmental impacts, and generates a constant source of clean power. In addition to providing the engineering design and construction drawings, Cushing Terrell assisted the owner with developing the interconnection and power purchase agreements with NorthWestern Energy.

The project also included utility line extension, and new underground fiber and copper telephone and data lines being run to the existing water treatment plant.

Yellowstone National Park, WY

Construction Administration
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