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MacKenzie River Pizza

Cushing Terrell assisted Glacier Restaurant Group with development of their corporate design standards and branding. Together, we created a concise building design and construction document package that allows each location of MacKenzie River Pizza (MRP) a unique identity while maintaining consistency and brand recognition. We continue to support MRP’s mission to lessen its footprint and promote sustainable operations.

The Missoula flagship location establishes a distinctive atmosphere with a look that speaks to its Montana roots while providing a clean line approach that fits into markets across the United States. The exterior consists of a layering of materials to add interest according to corporate design guidelines. Interior design focused on developing a comfortable, modern, rustic atmosphere that provides a variety of seating options.

The Summerlin/Vegas location serves more than just traditional restaurant/bar purposes; it functions as a catering facility for Golden Knights hockey team meals as well as a concession stand during live games. The traditional rustic MRP aesthetic had to be adjusted were to appropriately fit the space and its patrons, including a more industrial feel and an added flair of team spirit. To accommodate all uses, security grilles were integrated into the design of the soffits and floor plan to make the main dining area and bar flexible, allowing for sports bar/full restaurant transitions that can be closed off when not in use.

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