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Hansboro Port of Entry

Replacement of this facility in Hansboro, ND, included a new two-story, 6,280 sq. ft. port building designed to meet requirements for LEED certification. Interior spaces consist of two holding cells with detention-grade components, and bullet-resistant separation at the public lobby and north-facing exterior walls. Design included an attached, pre-engineered inspection booth and government vehicle garage. Building systems infrastructure includes access controls and intrusion alarm, as well as security cameras.

Site design involved new infrastructure (water and septic systems) and approximately two acres of new pavement, plus two fully-outfitted inspection lanes with electronic surveillance equipment for license plate readers and radiation portal monitor scanners. All new site lighting levels were designed to address inspection areas needing increased visibility. Infrastructure now includes a new LP gas system that also supplies an emergency generator sized to power the port facility for seven days. Site development required wetlands identification and mitigation as part of the design process. New construction was phased around continuing operation of the existing port, which was then demolished after transition of operations.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Hansboro, ND

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