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Billings Clinic Pediatric Inpatient Unit

Cushing Terrell’s team of healthcare design specialists provided professional services for this 8,800 sq. ft. renovation of the Pediatric Inpatient Unit and is the last in a series of projects throughout Billings Clinic’s downtown campus. The remodel epitomizes modern patient care environments for children (from infancy up to 21 years of age). The facility contains nine rooms, plus one specifically for use by patients with cystic fibrosis and another dedicated to siblings. Spacious rooms were designed with the patients and their family members’ comfort in mind. Each room incorporates natural light and spot color, flat-screen TVs, and couches that unfold into beds, as well as the incorporation of both nature and vivid colors.

The project began with several types of user meetings including focus groups, to which the team invited previously-hospitalized children and their parents. Key information gleaned included descriptions of their hospitalizations, key descriptive words of what a pediatric unit should feel like, and practical aspects needed for longer stays. The Cushing Terrell team also worked closely with Billings Clinic to find design solutions, ensuring the space would be future-focused and state-of-the-art while keeping the unit efficient, intimate, and comfortable.

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