Food & Beverage
Project Development

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Create a budget for all of the costs associated with your project, establish a relationship with a financial institution to meet your capital needs and identify additional funding sources.

Project Team Selection

Interview and onboard all of the professionals and consultants that will aid in bringing your project to life.

Concept Development/Programming

Expand on your concept by developing a detailed understanding of all aspects of operations and the client experience.

Location Selection

Identify potential locations for your project.

Feasibility Study

Analyze preferred location(s) to determine their viability and identify any previously unknown/unforeseen issues that my impact the overall project scope, budget, or timeline.

Lease/Purchase Negotiations

Ensure that your agreement with the Owner is suitable for your needs and is considered a win-win for all parties.


Work with the Project Team to develop a cohesive aesthetic, including branding, to be woven throughout the project and an overall layout addressing all of the needs of each space within the project.

Design Development

The project team continues working on the design, with your input, to identify/resolve any remaining issues, identify opportunities for touch-points and other design features as well as add another layer of detail to the design.

Construction Documents

Produce a set of drawings from all relevant members of the Project Team that allows for permitting the project and pricing the project for construction and occupation.


Obtain all necessary approvals from governing agencies for the construction of your project.


Receive pricing from a General Contractor and work with them to identify value-engineering opportunities resulting in cost savings.

Construction + Equipment Installation

Construction of your project, including kitchen equipment delivery/installation, to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy allowing you to begin moving into the space.

Procurement + Move-in + Set-up

Order, receive and install everything necessary for your restaurant to function.

Training + Prep

Train your staff and prep food items necessary for a fully functioning restaurant.

Soft Opening

Invitation of a limited number of select guests to dine at a discount and provide honest feedback in order to identify any shortfalls within the service or the food.

Grand Opening

Open your doors and welcome your patrons!

When you’re ready, reach out!

Kevin Stewart

Food & Beverage Studio Director |  Architect