Breathing New Life into the Alberta Bair Theater

Extensive $13.6 million Revitalization of Alberta Bair Theater Marks the Culmination of a Ten-year Endeavor to Revitalize the Esteemed Venue

The extensive $13.6 million revitalization of the Alberta Bair Theater marks the culmination of a ten-year endeavor to revitalize this esteemed venue. Originally inaugurated as the Fox Theatre in 1931, the space served as a regional hub for both film and stage productions. Crafted by architect Robert C. Reamer and funded partially by the 20th Century Fox Corporation, which acquired the land from Charles M. Bair, it stood out as the last Art Deco-style theater in the United States commissioned by 20th Century Fox.

The original design featured elegant crystal chandeliers, period-specific design elements, opulent dressing rooms, and intricate stage embellishments. However, much of this historical charm was lost during the mid-80s fly loft expansion and facility overhaul aimed at accommodating larger theatrical and musical performances in this remote region. The few remaining Art Deco details were meticulously preserved and showcased in the new design…

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