Building Enclosure Design

Keeping Facilities Healthy for Life

Clients have looked to Cushing Terrell for expertise in building enclosure design for 40 years. Our team of engineers, architects, and design professionals apply their expertise to facility assessments, forensic architecture, and roofing and building enclosure design — all of which contribute to projects that result in optimum comfort for end users and occupants and a high level of energy efficiency.

Building enclosure design, also referred to as building science, is a critical aspect of successful, long-lasting projects. It takes into consideration all the factors of your building’s location to address climate and weather as well as incorporate the high-performance materials needed to protect your building for the long-term, ensuring a return on your investment.

Services and Expertise

Our multidisciplinary architecture and engineering firm is driven by a mission and vision that prioritizes the people who occupy the spaces we design, the environments they are built within, and innovative processes and systems. With the skills and expertise of more than 30 disciplines, we create hand-picked teams for any given project and location. Our building envelope group supports those projects through efficient, long-lasting and sustainable design solutions.

Your building enclosure consists of the roof, walls, and floor elements that separate the interior space from the exterior environment. Because moisture or air transfer in the enclosure components greatly impact the performance of a building, we specialize in all types of installations, materials, and systems.

We design new and replacement roofing and building enclosure assemblies and provide on-site construction observation. Expertise in current code requirements, climate impacts, and the science of roofing and building enclosure design allows us to provide effective:  

  • Moisture management and control 
  • Continuous insulation design 
  • Air- and vapor-tight building design

Our architects and engineers have investigated hundreds of buildings, providing thorough reports with clear determinations, recommendations, and accurate financial forecasting to assist with:

  • Planning deferred maintenance
  • Short- and long-term capital improvements
  • Identifying code and life safety deficiencies
  • Making informed decisions

Forensic analysis is an in-depth assessment to determine a cause and needed remedy to repair a specific deficiency such as air leakage or water infiltration. 

Since 2010, we have completed more than 150 roof replacement projects on multiple facility types, ranging from small to large and complex. We assess a roof’s condition and determine if repairs are possible or if a full replacement is needed. When a roof must be replaced, we offer new system design, bidding, and construction administration services to see the project through to completion.

A properly designed and installed building envelope results in efficient operations, contributing to clients’ sustainability goals. Learn more about the sustainability solutions Cushing Terrell has to offer.

Building Enclosure Design and Decarbonization

Buildings not only affect us — the users and occupants of those spaces — they also impact the world around us. Often repeated is the fact that the built environment generates 40% of annual global CO2 emissions, thus the push to decarbonize our built environment through sustainable design practices and technologies.

Efficiency and durability are two major contributing factors to a building’s sustainability and net-zero potential. The roof and exterior building envelope systems are the first line of defense when looking to reduce carbon emissions and energy use, as well as ensure a building can stand the test of time.

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