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St. Vincent Healthcare / SCL Health ICU Addition and Renovation

Highly complex and technical, this intensive care unit (ICU) renovation and expansion included 24 patient rooms, decentralized nursing stations, and associated support space, per the conceptual plans developed at the Lean event. The project was undertaken in some of the most critical and sensitive areas of the hospital, and thus unfolded in four distinct phases with zero disruptions to the ICU. The highest attention was given to environmental infection control throughout all phases. Infrastructure, systems, and site considerations were also paramount as the scope included peripheral work that had to be completed to facilitate the building expansion, including relocation of the existing above-grade fuel tank, site utilities, and a new boiler plant.

Sustainable design initiatives were incorporated into the enhanced building envelope and involved natural and artificial lighting, acoustics, and energy usage assessment/reduction. The inclusion of room and headwall mockups were integral to project success by identifying operations, connections, safety, and access prior to mass production. The Cushing Terrell team also used 3D modeling systems to clarify adjacencies of materials, accelerate building information modeling (BIM), and enhance overall quality of the finished project. Integration of the extensive planning and phasing minimized the impact on patient care while emphasizing patient, family, staff, and physician satisfaction during construction. As a result, the completed ICU rooms clearly articulated patient, family, and caregiver zones.

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