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Bish’s RV Superstore

Cushing Terrell worked with the Bish’s RV team to design their Meridian superstore. The design team focused on elevating the customer experience and integrating Bish’s rebranding efforts.  

The site, situated along the main freeway in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, allowed for high visibility, so curb appeal was a priority. Concrete block core, composite steel, and wood were featured in the design. The combination of these material elements paired with modern industrial finishes complement one another to create an authentically Bish’s experience for customers and employees.  

Exterior finishes and colors tie to the interior modern industrial elements with a mix of dark metal, structural steel, and metal panels accented by tongue-and-groove pine soffits and custom concrete block in varying colors. The block walls are used for exterior signage and to help anchor the building while concealing the main structural elements. Large sections of storefront glazing provide views into the interior showroom for unit display visibility and to bring an abundance of natural daylight into the space.  

The site, though optimally located for visibility, posed some grading challenges, leaving the two entries differing in elevation by more than 12 feet. The landscape design and civil engineering teams accounted for this geographic feature by working driveways and parking areas into the changing grade and screening the parking lot with landscaping designed to mimic a campground setting for the units on display. This solution not only worked within the confines of a difficult site, but also provides guests a chance to simulate the RV experience before they ever leave the lot. 

In addition to designing for the guest experience, Cushing Terrell also helped Bish’s in-store team by incorporating a training room off the main break room — a space designed with sales and service staff meetings and skill-building activities in mind. In the training room and throughout, the design team coordinated with Bish’s in-house graphic designer to develop new company logos, color palette, and design standards that have since been implemented in all new buildings and remodels.  

Meridian, ID

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