Cushing Terrell Names Nine New Associates to Leadership Team

The new associates represent six disciplines and three offices, and bring a wide-range of skills and qualities that contribute to the firm’s success.

Multidisciplinary design firm, Cushing Terrell, recently announced the promotion of nine team members to associate, a first-level ownership tier. These team members hail from three of the firm’s thirteen offices and represent six professional disciplines. The promotion is awarded based on each individual’s unique display of commitment to Cushing Terrell’s core values and their contributions to mission-driven causes.

“This is an exceptional group of individuals, and it’s my distinct pleasure to welcome them into the associate ownership community,” said Greg Matthews, Cushing Terrell President and CEO. “These team members have shown dedication to their fields and to the firm and have otherwise displayed a willingness to go above and beyond every day to push Cushing Terrell ahead in our industry and ensure our teams are connected to and supporting each other, our clients, and our communities.”

Meet Cushing Terrell’s New Associates

Nikki Angell | Accountant & Enterprise Resource Planning Specialist | Billings

Nikki joined Cushing Terrell in 2009 and assumed the lead role for database management in 2012. Since then, she has truly owned that position and has been instrumental in enhancing and growing the ways in which the firm utilizes data for business operations and project management. Nikki manages all Deltek Vision upgrades and feature rollouts and is otherwise constantly pushing the boundaries of Cushing Terrell’s technology systems. She has and continues to play an active and critical role in moving the firm forward on the database front, spearheading the logistics behind project planning and business intelligence.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

“I’m very passionate about streamlining processes and creating efficiencies and am always looking for ways to do things better. My focus is on providing accurate data so we can gain important insights about our business and project operations and continue to grow our firm.”

Tracy Baker, AIA | Architect | Boise

Tracy joined Cushing Terrell in 2005 as a structural drafter. Over the course of her career with the firm, she has continually built on her expertise to become a licensed architect and a leader of Cushing Terrell’s healthcare design team. She is known for pushing initiatives to support design excellence, client relationships, and industry engagement. Her passions extend to enhancing the Boise office culture and leading the office’s involvement with the local community, such as championing the May in Motion campaign to support the education and utilization of smart commuting options. She’s a committed coach, mentor, and role model for all her fellow team members.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

“My goal is to continue to build on our healthcare design expertise and elevate staff through mentorship and training. A core passion I bring to the associates group is team building and serving as an advocate for younger designers. With a focus on growing and elevating each individual’s talents, we create teams that are invested in the work and dedicated not only to a successful project, but also to a great experience for the team, our partners, and clients.”

Ron Isackson, PE | Civil Engineer | Bozeman

Known as a relationship-builder, Ron is a prime example of Cushing Terrell’s collaborative culture. Licensed in eight states, Ron is an engineer with extensive experience who also happens to be skilled in people and project management. He joined the firm in 2011 and has become key to the support of long-time clients and multi-year programs. His ability to successfully manage a very busy team and track upwards of 50 projects at a time is due to his proactive work to utilize tools that drive efficiency and transparency and his focus on trust-building and communication. He is someone who fully understands the value of being there for his team and his clients.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

“One of my constant goals as an employee of Cushing Terrell is providing the best service to our clients. I’m eager to share my lessons learned with the associates group as it relates to providing responsive, quality client service and how we can better train and mentor entry-level staff to have the same goal.”

Marni Moore | Communications Manager | Boise

As recognized by her 2021 Integrity & Client Service award, Marni lives out Cushing Terrell’s mission-driven ideal. She is as close to the personified “voice” of the firm as one can get. She touches virtually every published piece of content that is shared on behalf of the firm, both internally and externally, and always uses her voice and widespread influence to affect positive change. By providing thoughtful and vital input on issues large and small, and investing in every new opportunity to contribute, Marni organically adds incredible value to any meeting, committee, or leadership body in which she participates. She pushes us to modernize and lead in our industry from the outside in.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you bring to the associates group?

“I bring a drive to get things done and done well. I find great pleasure in communicating who we are as a firm, the incredible talents of our team, and the stories of our clients and projects. This often means helping team members communicate and feel comfortable getting ‘out there’ to be thought leaders and brand ambassadors. I’m all for seeing people light up when their message resounds with and inspires others.”

Patrick Moranville, PE | Project Manager & Electrical Engineer | Denver

Patrick joined Cushing Terrell in 2017 and has since gained a reputation for being an unwavering advocate for his team. He currently leads the firm’s electrical engineering group in Denver, as well as provides support for electrical team members in Boise, Minneapolis, Wyoming, and Florida. Patrick is responsible for a significant amount of high-value client work and some of the firm’s most complicated projects. He is always looking for ways to improve and streamline processes and prioritizes an environment of open communication and teamwork, which inspires high performance and successful outcomes for Cushing Terrell and the firm’s clients.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“Having worked in the AEC industry from early on in my career, I bring a ‘big picture’ perspective to my projects and teams. I’ve seen many of the ups and downs in the industry — the varying trends, growth, and innovations — and enjoy helping others understand the continuum. As a team leader, I emphasize and support work-life balance as this results in healthy people and positive engagement. My philosophy has always been if the team is happy, they will produce better work and be better focused on the tasks at hand.”

Cory Nelson, AIA | Architect | Boise

Cory is described by team members as one of the best program leaders they’ve seen as well as someone who cultivates a culture where team members are invested in each other’s success. He is a thoughtful and humble leader, always sharing credit and kudos with his team. Cory’s leadership and the cohesive nature of his team have led to the growth of important client relationships and programs that have been incredibly beneficial to the firm. Cory has shown a long-term dedication to the advancement of Cushing Terrell’s architectural service sector through his role as facilitator of the Project Architect training program and participating in the firm’s mentorship program.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“I’m eager to bring my open-minded nature and ability to really listen to a variety of stakeholders — whether they are fellow design team members, owners/clients, or partners/contractors — in order to achieve consensus on common goals and realize great outcomes for all involved.”

Wayne Picard, AIA | Architect | Billings

Wayne joined Cushing Terrell in 2013 and has since become integral to the Billings office culture. He inspires fun and lightheartedness in those around him, and this energy translates into his approachable and reliable team leadership and active role training younger staff members. Due to the quality of his work and his responsiveness, he has become “the go-to” project architect in the Billings office and beyond, resulting in many strong client relationships. Wayne seems to effortlessly carry a heavy workload, both in count and complexity, while proving time and time again that he is capable of meeting and exceeding expectations.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“I plan to draw from my many years practicing architecture and share what I’ve learned with younger staff and peers. I’m someone who will listen, encourage, mentor, and work together as a team while always adhering to the core values that have shaped Cushing Terrell.”

Pam Sherrodd | IT Technician | Billings

Pam puts the team before herself every time. As a key member of the firm’s IT group, many of Pam’s contributions go on behind the scenes, but her expertise and innovative attitude are critical to keeping Cushing Terrell’s people and projects connected, moving forward, and thriving. She brings an open, thoughtful, change mindset to every scenario and keeps a visionary eye on the future of technology, which is critical to the success of the firm. Outside of work, Pam is engaged with her community including her work with a local group to collect used technology equipment for women facing financial hardship and provide training to help them be competitive in the job market.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“I’ve developed a strong network here at Cushing Terrell by working with so many people from all disciplines and departments. This has helped me be a better listener, better communicator, and improved my critical thinking. I can use these skills, along with my technical background, to help Cushing Terrell take the great things it does and make them excellent. I plan to bring the ethos we practice within our IT group — make everything you touch a quality product, be there for every person in each moment, and complete each task with the utmost care and respect — to the associates team.”

Sean Tharp | Project Architect | Billings

Sean is known for putting extra effort into Cushing Terrell programs that drive the architectural service sector, the government vertical market, and the firm forward. He highly values work and family balance, while still finding time for office and community engagement, getting involved each year in the Cushing Terrell Golf Classic and pumpkin carving and costume competitions. Additionally, Sean advocates for the advancement of the architectural profession as a board member for the Billings Architectural Association. Through his positive, forward-looking attitude, Sean creates strategic opportunities that situate Cushing Terrell for growth and progress.

What unique viewpoint/talent/goal will you be bringing to the associates group?

“I’m excited to continue to grow our business in the government market and enhance our team’s knowledge and expertise. Drawing from more than a decade of experience with a variety of federal government entities and utilizing my perspective as a nuts-and-bolts technical person, I look forward to mentoring young architects and design professionals at our firm to continually strengthen our talent base.”

About Cushing Terrell

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