Cushing Terrell in Austin: ATX-tremely connected

Hailing from diverse offices across the United States — from the mountain region to major metros — our teams showcase the very best in multi-disciplinary collaboration. Whether the expertise comes from one location or multiple, we work with our clients to design responsible, imaginative, first-of-their-kind environments. For a little local flair, we’re highlighting our office teams, showcasing their capabilities and culture.

Our Austin office was established in 2004 as a locally grown start up. Building on strong relationships with clients such as Dell and Whole Foods Market, and spurred by our firm’s deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit, the office grew quickly into a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to live and work in this cultural hub in the heart of Texas,” says Austin office lead James Foster. “With it’s start-up culture and college-town vibe, along with being the state capital, there’s an amazing energy in Austin. This community is dedicated to creating a better, smarter, more resilient and restorative city where everyone can thrive, and it’s this commitment that inspires our work.”

Always on the lookout for fresh perspectives, the Austin team finds inspiration both locally and globally. Interested in joining us? Learn more

This team prides itself on being integral to Austin’s potent mix of progressive tech, innovative retail, hospitality, higher education, and creative culture industries. Foster says their “superpower” is their chemistry, along with an enthusiasm for new ideas and a desire to push innovation. With an exciting client base doing ground-breaking work and seeking to provide unconventional experiences for their employees and customers, the Austin team provides a perfect complement to help design these spaces.

“The Austin market is on fire and clients have options. We’re incredibly grateful to hold trusted relationships with so many of Austin’s key players: Google, Dell, Whole Foods, Crate & Barrel, H-E-B, Facebook, and Apple. They keep us on our toes!”

— Sheri Blattel, retail design studio co-lead

Continuously growing, the team’s capabilities cover architecture, interior design, sustainability consulting, structural, MEP engineering, BIM coordination, and commissioning. They’re sought out not only for their expertise and client-centered design approach but also due to the relationships they’ve built with industry partners.

Our clients allow us the freedom to stretch our creative muscles while designing spaces that reflect who they are — their work, culture, and values.

Describing the Austin team as “passionate, hungry, talented, and connected,” Brad Thigpen, Austin operations manager, adds that those connections include advocacy as it relates to furthering the industry’s commitment to sustainable design. Partnering with USGBC Texas, the Austin office is a sponsor of Advocacy Day, which promotes the importance of green building and sustainable development, helping to ensure local legislators are informed and take action.

The Austin team brought their combined talents to the design of their new office space in the heart of downtown, which has become a prized community event space.

Tapped for a wide variety of work with clients who have big aspirations to advance their unique missions, the work in Austin is diverse, to say the least. It spans arcade-inspired office space for Aristocrat, alpaca structures for Together We Rise, facilities for rescued horses on Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch, recreation infrastructure for Hill Country Conservancy’s Violet Crown Trail, and Community Art House, part of the Community First! Village, supporting people coming out of chronic homelessness.

For community services and charitable causes, this team participates in Austin Over the Edge, a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Foundation, and volunteers with organizations such as Central Texas Food Bank, CanstructionATX, Keep Austin Beautiful, and Foundation Communities.

Not lacking in style, the team donned handkerchiefs, braids, and t-shirts printed with “We Willie like to run” for the Sunshine Run, which supports the Austin Sunshine Camps.

“We’re excited about the phenomenal team that’s come together in Austin. With our incredible clients, what happens next will no doubt have an impact. This team is at the forefront of design to improve people’s lives in a way that is equally committed to caring for the planet.”

 — James Foster, Austin office lead

Working with clients who’re cutting edge in the environments they envision, the future looks bright for our Austin office as the team builds on their success in commercial, retail, and public-sector design. This multi-market, multi-disciplinary experience will enable them to play a key part in helping to shape Austin as the city addresses growth and enhances quality of life for its residents.

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