Website and Interactive

Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation

Challenge: Hidden in a secure area, legacy donor plaques were cumbersome to update and lacked the vibrancy to educate or inspire future benefactors. The Foundation sought awareness for their mission, ways to educate the public on the importance of philanthropy, attraction of new donors to the cause, and a way to update recognition easily.

Solution: Cushing Terrell designed a meaningful, efficient, and sensible donor recognition installment using both interactive and static components — creating a destination and sense of place within the hospital setting.

Two complimentary physical installations, one at each of the most heavily trafficked entrances, will exhibit alignment with Ivinson’s brand, promote the Foundation, and create a lasting impression. The donor walls will communicate visually through a design that is simple, reliable, elegant, and intuitive. The “jewel” of each display is a touchscreen allowing users to explore the Foundation’s many events and campaigns, or locate loved ones’ names among the lists of benefactors.

Central Products

Challenge: Central Products had a website that was outdated and difficult for the user-operators to update and navigate.

Solution: Consulting with the client, Cushing Terrell built a WordPress site that could effectively portray their brand and services. The team chose WordPress because of its user-friendly dashboard and simple tools with which to add and update content.

South Kalispell Urban Renewal Plan

Challenge: Cushing Terrell was hired by the the City of Kalispell to provide guidance for the future development of South Kalispell. The City also needed a website designed to inform the residents of the plan and capture their comments.

Solution: A WordPress-based website was designed to be used as a tool to inform Kalispell residents about the plan. A Comments page was used to record feedback from residents, especially regarding their opinions on the future of the City of Kalispell Airport. Additionally, a Survey page gathered public input on whether the airport should be updated, or closed with the land being used for other development.