Food and Beverage Design is

Sharing a meal connects people – we’re here to help bring your guests to the table.

Restaurant design begins with understanding how to engage and enlighten patrons and is supported by a streamlined, multi-disciplinary team. This all-hands approach to the design process affords a specialization in space planning, brand integration, and food and beverage spaces of all sizes, shapes, and types.

We ensure visual and operational value
that will enhance the customer experience.

Customers visit dining establishments expecting a range of sensory impressions and new experiences. An elevated dining or drinking experience can hinge on many factors beyond the menu: ambiance, decor, noise mitigation, furniture selection, flow, and more. You select the food and drink; we’ll bring the heat through design. We take a thoughtful design approach to your space, ensuring a unique brand image and authentic identity within the community. We will optimize your space, the functionality of the environment, and consider your operational needs of today and down the road.

The heart and soul of the dining experience is in the kitchen.

The front-of-house and back-of-house work together. Dining format, menu design, food costs, and flow, as well as safety, permits, codes and construction costs have to be carefully thought out. We design holistically to achieve a successful, high-performing restaurant from delivery receiving to amazing dining experiences. Our kitchen design portfolio spans restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, resort properties, corporate cafes, and high-end residential. With a hospitality mindset and kitchen design expertise, you will be our partner in continuing to improve kitchen design.

We aim to inspire everyone
who walks through your doors.

From the overall theme of a place to textures, materials, and lighting, your space will satisfy the visual appetite. The right design enhances your brand, creating a unique feel, and bringing life to your mission and values.

Cushing Terrell’s Attention to detail and comprehensive documentation with the support of their in-house team ensured smooth progress from design development through store opening… I look forward to our continued collaborations on future projects.

Norm Everhart, Store Development Director
Metropolitan Market

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Integrated, holistic design achieves better results every time. Our in-house team covers a full range of design and engineering services. This joining of forces makes for improved coordination, communication, and value. Food and beverage projects rarely involve just a single discipline. Our teams maintain close communication with one another, transferring knowledge, experience, and information to ensure efficiency and successful project delivery.

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Space Planning
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