Honored to Be at the Helm of Our Great Team

Twenty-four years ago, I walked into Cushing Terrell for my first day on the job as an AIT (architect in training). I specifically remember hearing about the client-first mentality that, at the time, had defined the firm for almost 60 years.

Today officially marks another “first day” on the job for me — as president of our firm. Now, I assume the responsibility of not only living out these core principles that made such an impression on me, but truly driving them forward, making compassion, caring, and creativity a part of everything we achieve. It is a big responsibility, but one I welcome, knowing I accept it with the support of a talented, thoughtful team.

While I have been a member of Cushing Terrell’s leadership team for several years, my day-to-day focus has been on the healthcare market and the clients we serve. My new role as president will allow me to broaden my focus to all aspects of our firm — from guiding our overall strategy to making sure our people have fulfilling career trajectories and the tools and expertise to keep us forever improving. I am excited to work more closely with our entire organization to paint the next chapter in our story.

Scott Wilson has served as an incredible leader to Cushing Terrell over the past nine years, and I am grateful to have witnessed the amazing things he has done for our firm, teams, and clients during his tenure as president. I am honored and humbled to follow in his footsteps. His unwavering commitment to our values and heritage while pushing us into the unknown and taking on new challenges has been inspiring to watch.

During our 82-year history, few things about our firm have remained unchanged. Cushing Terrell has effectively responded to dramatic shifts in our industry, changes in leadership, and name changes, but the foundational elements established in 1938 have remained constant. Together, we will continue to build on the fundamentals that define us, putting our clients and people first. Additionally, we will use our commitment to knowledge, our adaptability, and our openness to new ways of looking at the world to propel us and the work we do into the forefront of our industry.

Greg Matthews

Greg Matthews is president and CEO of Cushing Terrell. He leads a dynamic, integrated team of design professionals working in more than 30 disciplines and across 13 offices. His focus is on putting clients and team members first, while planning for growth and ensuring the firm is positioned to evolve with the ever-changing design and construction industry. With nearly 25 years of experience with Cushing Terrell, he previously served as co-lead of the firm’s healthcare design studio, with a focus on holistic, patient-first design.