Evolution that takes you back to your roots

Scott Wilson, President

The handshake between Ralph Cushing and Everett Terrell launched our firm 81 years ago and marked the beginning of a unique approach to doing business in the world of design. We’re celebrating that handshake with a name change that takes us back to those founding moments while preparing us for the next chapter: CTA Architects Engineers is now Cushing Terrell.

Since Ralph and Everett founded this design practice, the company has grown and changed in countless ways. From our origins in Billings, Montana, we’ve expanded to include 13 offices across the country with projects around the world. Our professional staff now numbers more than 430 and our work spans over 30 service offerings in six market sectors.

We’re a firm of creative individuals motivated by a desire to invent a better way of living. But as we grow and change, we understand the importance of remembering who we are at our core. What makes us unique are the characteristics that have defined us for decades. For that reason, we’ve made the big decision to return to our founding namesake. From today on, we’ll show our team spirit and champion our expertise as Cushing Terrell, leaving CTA behind us as part of our storied past.

This name change brings with it a number of other changes too — from our logo and brand colors, to our website and social media — the works! But rest assured, one thing hasn’t changed: the same talented team that has been supporting our success, and the success of our clients, will still be making that happen.

The annual Spartan race brings together colleagues from many of our offices to compete together as a team, make it through all the obstacles put in front of us, and come out triumphant and ecstatic at the end. This is how we tackle most all things! 

As we enter this new era, we’ll renew our focus on building and maintaining client relationships, continue leveraging our collaborative approach to the design process, strengthen our commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative design practices, and continue drawing upon our rich heritage. We see a bright future for this firm as we bring our collective talents to the task of helping our clients realize the spaces they envision while ensuring our designs contribute to a better built environment.

Most importantly, through all this change, we’ve vowed to continue to live out our mission, vision, and values as we always have. With that, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Cushing Terrell.


As creative pioneers, we seek to invent a better way of living.

Using ingenuity, diversity, and empathy, we empower creative designers to discover imaginative, responsible first-of-their-kind environments.


To shape a new world using knowledge and creativity as a means to educate, enlighten, delight, unite, preserve, sustain, and forever improve.


Be kind.

We emphasize integrity, compassion, and understanding.


Unique clients inspire unique projects — we’re here to listen and learn.

Think responsibly.

What’s good for the Earth is good for our clients.

Work together.

Diversity + collaboration = creative solutions.

Share success.

We seek partnerships in which the client, the community, the planet, and Cushing Terrell all win.

Have fun.

We take our work, but not ourselves, seriously.