Cushing Terrell Signs SME Climate Commitment to Meet Emissions Reduction Targets

Multidisciplinary design firm, Cushing Terrell, joins the United Nations Race to Zero campaign.

Cushing Terrell has joined a group of 4,200 small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who have committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half before 2030, achieve net-zero emissions before 2050, and disclose their progress on a yearly basis.

The SME Climate Commitment is an initiative of the We Mean Business Coalition, the Exponential Roadmap Initiative, the United Nations Race to Zero campaign, and the International Chamber of Commerce. The partnership opens the door for SMEs to join the United Nations Race to Zero campaign — an international initiative that brings together a coalition of real economy actors and 120 governments committed to achieve net-zero emissions by no later than 2050.

“The SME Climate Commitment represents a significant, yet logical, next step on our journey of sustainability and climate-related actions and commitments,” said Ashleigh Powell, Director of Sustainability for Cushing Terrell. “Notably, it marks our shift away from a 10-year investment in purchasing renewable energy and carbon offsets toward committing to specific action to decarbonize our operations. While signing the commitment was our first big step, the real fun begins now as we inventory the emissions associated with our operations and outline a path for incremental reductions that will help us achieve our net-zero goal.”

In collaboration with the Net Zero team at Oxford University, the SME Climate Hub provides best-in-class tools and resources to enable SMEs to measure, report, and reduce their environmental impact.

“These companies, which represent over 90% of businesses worldwide and employ two billion people, will be integral to our collective efforts to reach net-zero emissions,” said Nigel Topping who serves as a United Nations Climate Action Champion.

“We recognize the vital importance of joining the global Race to Zero,” said Cushing Terrell President Greg Matthews. “This growing collective of SMEs will have a great impact. With the expertise of our passionate design professionals, we’re excited to be part of the innovative thinking and solutions-development that will protect our planet and support our businesses.”

Learn more about Cushing Terrell’s approach to sustainability.

Cushing Terrell provided design services for the renovation of Montana State University’s Romney Hall, one of the projects helping the university reduce both operating costs and carbon emissions.

About Cushing Terrell

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